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requesting sizing guideline for both U and New Peter lasts. I wear the ff sizes below. TIA - 6.5D Alden Barrie - 7D Alden Leydon - 5.5E C&J 341/348 - 7D C&J RL Marlow (with a little heel slip) - 7D AE #5
speaking of which, what would be the sizing reco for the Butteros low, if I wear 7US, should I go 39 or 40? White or Brown , but the Taupe suede is so unique...TIA
I normally go for light interlining for casual fabrics (ie OCBD, chambray) and medium for dressier shirts/fabrics I plan wearing with/without tie. I made a mistake (IMO) of having an unfused/unlined construction for a lustrous white fabric that was meant for suits. I find it too soft but its growing on me for casual wear. YMMV
interesting thread, unless you actually are selling clothes...I'd like to see an expanded (civil) discussion on this.
trying to upgrade my rain/cool weather gears. Any suggested slim fitting/less logo brands that are readily available in US? I found a couple of latest ZR' styles that are slim enough but seems overpriced. I have older Sunderland which I like, but they have limited availability. I may check RL Golf but their prices are jacked up as well. FJ seems to be getting bigger and bigger. I'm still floating on their Small and I am not thin slim. TIA.
for BMX experts out there, is $500 a good price for a brand new bike with Integral Bel-Aire frame and all Primo components? Thanks in advance..
Charcoal/Charcoal it is in size 5...I'll take a chance on shoulder/sleeve sizing. I know I'll regret it later if I don't take the plunge
Thanks @gdl203 . can you please provide the shoulder and overall length measurements for VI? From what I can see from the pictures, looks like I can always have the sleeves shortened. Non- working sleeve buttons? #1 or #3? I think #3 will do well during Chicago winter... Edit: Thanks David for your input.. I would prefer the sleeves shortened from the bottom (buttons adjusted) and not mess around from the shoulders. I may go with V. just need to get proper shoulder sizing..
Greg/Kyle, looks like the SS Merino is the answer for the versatile coat I've been looking for; casual/topcoat convertible...I normally wear 39-40S (18-18.3 - shoulder and 29.5 length. I'm thinking a V will be my size. Any available measurements on shoulder, sleeve and length? Sleeve length are always the killer for me. A good fitting overcoat I have has a sleeve length of 33 from BOC, 22.75 from shoulder cap and a 34" length. I'm 153 lbs and 5-6 (ok 5-5) Thanks in...
does one shoe Foo qualify? or the Mr. Moo taking a leave/hiatus threak?
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