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Do members get any form of discounts/promo codes from the affiliate? Thought i should ask as I'm interested in a few items. Thanks
While I'm sad that it didn't work for me, I'm glad it will find a nice home. Thank You Indeed, what a beautiful piece of garmentFor additional Inis Meain sizing reference, the Aran buttoned neck in Charcoal is cut a little trimmer than normal.
Anyone who missed out on the SS Merino coat extravaganza, please see my signature . Selling a dark Charcoal/Birdseye in sz 5. Send me a pm if you have any question(s). I am so disappointed. What a beautiful coat.
ITEM SOLD !!!! Great coat. Just had it delivered today. Unfortunately, it's too big for me. Asking price $780 I prefer shipping CONUS only. I may consider international as well for an extra charge. Exclusively re-issued for NMWA in "Dark" charcoal birdeseye wool with charcoal knit liner. It also comes with an awesome hanger and garment bag from...
@in sitches thanks for posting pics of the IM toggle. It looks like more of a beige (or is it? which I prefer) than an off white. Now you got me thinking.....
it sends the person an email notification. It comes handy if you want a specific member to respond and/or be aware of your recent post...
Whew. darn "savages"... I am hoping Brown/Green Bull wool gansey and Charcoal Aran button neck in Small will do wonders this time. If not....then fark I need to find a body/arms stretching service.... or hoping for the wool to stretch overtime around the chest area...
Are the IM Cardigans cut a little longer than the regular sweaters, + 1.5" or so by size? Those cardigans are hmmmmHow much stretching can we expect after a number of wearings?I may pick 2 from these. Need to figure out my size quick. Can anyone provide sleeve length (taken from bottom seam) for sz M? [[SPOILER]]
when can we expect the Inis Meain drop? Thanks
[ [[SPOILER]] Fit pics: Came in from a day ago. The heavy american. Full review: https://www.weargustin.com/community/forum/gustin-products/the-heavy-american-review--2 [/quote] looks good.. Straight or Slim? waist size?
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