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not 100% but looks like Lyle and Scott...
+1. Rare and truly work of art...My wife would frame those ...
IMO, I don't think Walnut is a light color at all. Tan and Chestnuts are... my go to wheels during 2013 F/W season, with denim, moleskin, twill trousers, and cords...But with snow/salt on the ground, I have an old beater for that
I have not acquired anything during recent round of sale due to sizing concerns (and funding constraints) . But Greg always answered my questions in great details and absolute patience. But I know that I will come back with a vengeance hopefully soon..Too many wants but the Inis Meain MTO and LBM casentino are on top of that list. Thanks @gdl203 and @Edouard !
I just received a customs duty invoice from DHL, 3 wks after delivery? Is this normal if opting for expedited shipping to US rather than regular snail mail? Thanks
Rob, all ties are standard 58"? No special runs for shorter length (55-56"). Thanks -W
There is an Alden thread if you have additional questions. IME, I have to size down .5 (D width) with Barrie/Trubalance lasts and it fits very well.
Dressy.... [[SPOILER]] Casual... [[SPOILER]] I purposely cleaned my Glock in front of our daughter's bf when he first came to our house...seriously, .just act normal and don't be an ass. watch your manners. have fun and good luck...
Kirby, thanks for posting the video...
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