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I don't wear tie everyday and I have 8. I need to expand to about 10-13 and that should cover for everything that I need it for. Every tie discussion/thread, I can't help but to think of Vox's insane drawer. But again, he is an exemption to the rule.
Any plans to re-stock the Buttero taupe washed suede from SS14, or anything similar this year? thnx
does SdC linen blazer has functional sleeve buttons?
Oh where, oh whereHas @in stitches gone?Oh where, oh where can he be?'*********I hope they have something similar to the Alpha Jersey jacket from last year.
Greg, are we expecting Inis and OSpencer S/S items? If so, this week? Thnx
That's my section.. LOL
Thank you both.. If S in IM, then XL in Esemplare. Wow . Nobody beats NMWA prices on these.
Esemplare Humphreys crewneck sweaters, do they really fit slim/small ? Anybody with measurements in Medium? TIA
C&J. Dainite for current makeup. It used to be leather.Always wanted this boot but having a hard time finding a 7D. Finally had the opportunity to try one today at a local store. Sadly, it is .5 too big. Now I can rest and let it go since 7D is the smallest they go. Whoever that lucky bastard (Neil ? ) who waited and snag the pair, I say enjoy as it is a beautiful pair of shell boots.
New Posts  All Forums: