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Are Inis sizing a little smaller for S/S linen, for the Crewneck sweaters? I have to size up from my typical wool/cashmere based on posted measurements. The natural V-neck seems to be inline with old measurements.
Formosa Inky Blue SC up. Kop Baby Kop !!! Lol 46 and 48 gone already
Good morning Greg/Kyle. Inis nxt? ********* Most likely will regret for not kopping, the SS green addict sweater was nice.
One of the Blue Chambray Linen is sold out, but another is still available. Is this heavier than the other? TIA Linen:Blue Chambray 100%Linen,149 gms/5 oz
I don't wear tie everyday and I have 8. I need to expand to about 10-13 and that should cover for everything that I need it for. Every tie discussion/thread, I can't help but to think of Vox's insane drawer. But again, he is an exemption to the rule.
Any plans to re-stock the Buttero taupe washed suede from SS14, or anything similar this year? thnx
does SdC linen blazer has functional sleeve buttons?
Oh where, oh whereHas @in stitches gone?Oh where, oh where can he be?'*********I hope they have something similar to the Alpha Jersey jacket from last year.
Greg, are we expecting Inis and OSpencer S/S items? If so, this week? Thnx
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