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you got me pretty good .... lol
didn't get this...hmmm
Thanks for all the sizing post. Since I have small feet , looks like a 6UK 44975. My only concern are the proportions. It may look bulbous since Stow has a chunky/bulky toe box.
Greg, for outerwear, what is the suggested sizing for Eidos and Valstar field coat/jacket if i take a 40 in Mac Waverly (cut trim)? Also are GRP items cut similar to FW items? Thnx
questions on the Stow. TIA - While reviewing the sizing posts/discussions I still cannot decide ; Alden Barrie size or down .5 ? - Is the leather sole makeup typically heavier than the Dainite? -W
signature worthy. lols...
Such a versatile piece and great shade of blue. I still regret not kopping one. I hope they re-stock for S/S 2015
Are you planning to restock 3sixteen ST100X or SL-101X ? Planning to stop by in 2 weeks to check the store. I may have to crawl across from Hopleaf....
almost every NMWA item is cut perfectly for Murl (and FrankC)
Sorry, yes Baker. Yeah, I'm tempted. Pretty reasonable I supposed at 50% off.
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