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your frustrations are understandable, but this is part of the process going MTM over the internet. IMO, it is a question of your risk tolerance. Even bespoke customers sometimes has similar results. Good Luck.
...owning your style and being comfortable with your own skin. I'm still searching for mine.....
quite entertaining. Thanks and keep it coming.
I've had some similar very minor measurement issue(s) but the shirt is wearable and the fit is acceptable even to my OCD standards..fit photos if possible
or the AS line...
boring MC Casual dad with specks of SW&D
i think i should take chance sizing up 2 with the taupe casentino. per frank's exp, it looks a very slim cut.thanks
trying to figure out my sizing with Taupe SB Casentino..While planning to wear with jacket 50% of time, any experience with just an OCBD/light sweater? I'm a normal 39-40 and thinking of 1 size up but 52 is out of stock; and 54 are still available..Thanks in advance
anybody thinking of returning a size 52 SB Taupe Casentino? that's a darn great price....
You shouldn't and I can relate. But IME, once you have your fit/sizing nailed down, there's no turning back. Measure your best fitting shirt and make adjustments if necessary. Start with a basic fabric that's easier on your wallet just in case. Patience, patience patience. Good Luck
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