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Chicago has a few when I was there a couple weeks back. Not sure what sizes though. Better call the store.
Wait, can we do this? I thought all items with strike throughs are Final sale, no return, but can be exchange if sizes are available.
I have a number of sleepers but since measurements are not available, I have sizing/fit concerns due to final sale... eg OS Kessock, Camoshita Navy Wool/Mohair blazer, SS Figaria to name a few
@Asian Afro ? for the Eidos blue hemp field jacket re-stock
The tailors thread.....
Thanks Greg. Please check email on my order. Sorry for the confusion. No Kop-blocking . In GDL203 I trust
Lol. This is turning to be a ritual every NMWA drop. First World problems. I feel blessed. Back to Inis sizing....
Are Inis sizing a little smaller for S/S linen, for the Crewneck sweaters? I have to size up from my typical wool/cashmere based on posted measurements. The natural V-neck seems to be inline with old measurements.
Formosa Inky Blue SC up. Kop Baby Kop !!! Lol 46 and 48 gone already
New Posts  All Forums: