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when can we expect the Inis Meain drop? Thanks
[ [[SPOILER]] Fit pics: Came in from a day ago. The heavy american. Full review: https://www.weargustin.com/community/forum/gustin-products/the-heavy-american-review--2 [/quote] looks good.. Straight or Slim? waist size?
I would appreciate it if you can. Thanks
anybody with a fit pic of the GRP Brown/Grey Herringbone A1 cardi in Sz 3? If you can please provide the chest, Sleeve, and body length measurements.Thanks.
I'm just curious...If you are not familiar with the sizing of certain brands/items (e.g. Eidos fieldcoat), do you guys just buy whatever size(s) you think would fit and hoping something would stick and/or then return the items altogether if it doesn't? I know NMWA return policy is very customer friendly but at the same in an effort to save them some shipping cost and the hassle of return/restocking, I try to figure out my size ahead of time by asking questions, pm's,...
hi Z. Yes I am vertically challenged at 5-6. Unfortunately this is on its way back. What a great piece if I was only taller.... I hope they will consider an xs for next year.
I'm afraid the S&C Lambswool (in S) is a little big. I know its suppose to be chunky and better worn as an outerwear/jacket. Any fit and constructive feedback is much appreciated.... [[SPOILER]]
+1. I have seen exactly the same items from IM, OS, Buttero, TS(S), S&C etc and NMWA prices are consistently/significantly lower, not to mention the additional SF discount.
Thank You. Unfortunately, both A1 are OOS in 4. darn. The Brown Herringbone looks really nice.
Any sizing guidelines on the GRP (both A1 and Lambswool Knit) if I wear a 39-40S in SC/Suit? Looks like a 4(M) ?. Should this be worn TTS/Fitted? For reference, I'm 5-6, shoulder around 17.5, sleeves in 31.5. Plan to wear with casual shirts and other light layers. TIA.
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