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I'm about 99% both are Loake, 1st item similar to old Jack model...2nd I believe is Leamington
Good Luck with the show, have fun and take plenty of pics.Fok, where you wearing your SS Merino coat?
@Newcomer hired an intern just for NMWA kopping; keep hitting refresh until a desired item shows up.....winner
Ha Ha Ha... well I'm glad it found a nice home within SF/NMWA community
You need to kop more, Baller !Agree. I have never seen a shop with so many items that I WANT WANT WANT ....Once I figure out my proper sizing. Although my wallet is not complaining ... at least not yetGreg/Kyle and other members has been very helpful during this process.
Didn't realize until you guys pointed that out. I will get the LBM Donegal Tweed. If the length comes out less than ideal, then plan B is SS Juncus as I need to fill a bus cas/casual gap in my outerwear lineup. The green A1 Esemplare is something of a fallback as well, it looks warm...Any suggestion on the Drakes fair else knit scarves, Caramel/Blue/Grey OR Grey/Green/Navy/Purple ?Thanks
Thank you all...I was originally looking into the Navy basket weave, but now the Gray/Brown hb is pulling me in....I'm trying to use Greg's @gdl203 guideline....
proportion wise, what would be the proper/suggested length when wearing the LBM coats, above (+ 1-2") OR right at the knee level? Coat is slim enough but trying to figure out if weight and heft of the cloth will project a longer proportion which will further enhanced my height (5-6). Thanks
will somebody grab that sz 52 Valstar field jacket. It will minimize the pain since its not my size...
@AJL we need to compare sizing notes.....and duke it out whoever gets the last item still available. I feel your frustrations...
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