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Thur-Fri Ollie drop will be a disaster for me. I need/want that French work styled jacket. That item fills a great void in my current S/S wardrobe...
Oh no...need to re-sched meetings lol.Regarding Ollie... for me it was sizing/measurement concerns, even with free returns. I got to see some OS at a local store over the holiday and I was sold. Mostly on jackets for me.I'm about 1.5 years behind NMWA kopping. Now that I'm finally dialing in on sizing (thanks to Greg/Kyle and members), I feel more comfortable. The measurements online during recent drops has been a tremendous help. Great job!
I hope the Ollie drop is happening today...
anything Green/Jade looks great on Frank (aka GreenKoperwood)
heck yeah !!!
- W, would you be able to attend a pre-deployment walkthrough? - No I can't. waiting for a critical NMWA drop. - WTF is NMWA ?
good eye!Oh snap...I may be returning a Kapital I just bought
T/S ? Ollie Ollie Ollie
I'm assuming your are asking about the Esemplare Humpheys. I'm on the same boat. If you look at metra's fit post wearing a L, you maybe able to work with M (you wear 36). I thought of getting the XL (L oos) but after seeing his post, it maybe too long on me being at 5-6. Will be best to confirm with Greg/Kyle...
New Posts  All Forums: