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Thank goodness we are different size Frank. LOL. That's the jacket !! Want it bad. I'm still fuming over the Alpha jersey that I missed out and your pics are constant torture and a reminder...
Unless its been upgraded, current system does not allow that. Checkout using the forum code. At the note section, include your gift codes and they will make back end system adjustments. That's how i did it but check with them as well.
Thur-Fri Ollie drop will be a disaster for me. I need/want that French work styled jacket. That item fills a great void in my current S/S wardrobe...
Oh no...need to re-sched meetings lol.Regarding Ollie... for me it was sizing/measurement concerns, even with free returns. I got to see some OS at a local store over the holiday and I was sold. Mostly on jackets for me.I'm about 1.5 years behind NMWA kopping. Now that I'm finally dialing in on sizing (thanks to Greg/Kyle and members), I feel more comfortable. The measurements online during recent drops has been a tremendous help. Great job!
I hope the Ollie drop is happening today...
anything Green/Jade looks great on Frank (aka GreenKoperwood)
heck yeah !!!
- W, would you be able to attend a pre-deployment walkthrough? - No I can't. waiting for a critical NMWA drop. - WTF is NMWA ?
good eye!Oh snap...I may be returning a Kapital I just bought
New Posts  All Forums: