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PSA, anybody who missed out on the OS Navigator Flitwick navy jacket in sz 38, watch out for a re-stock .
PM sent
I just need to vent guys, so please bear with me....OOS in my size. so frustrating Ok. I'm done.
LOL..will be soon..It's killing me. I just want that .05% kopping chance
My wallet is glad I'm not in the market for Suit/SC right now. So many great choices. Surprised some are still available. Looks like the animals herd/flock are resting for now. Give it some time for the next feeding schedule
been waiting for the OS drop the last 3 days. I am very concern that it will happen during the hrs that I'm away...begging for immediate drops now so at least I have that .05% chance of kopping. F5 F5 F5.
will Ollie show up today? :+)
F5 F5 F5 F5
Word !!! Thank You sir
Just curious. How should the IM linen sweaters fit, a little loose? I asked because I size up from my normal Merino/Cashmere chunkies. While the length and chest are ideal, I feel that the shoulders are a tad wide due to a minor folding (term??) around the armhole above the pit. I'm thinking of sizing down but it may be too tight. I am not slim. TIA btw, the Light Blue/grey donegal sweater is great. good soft hand and texture; springy
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