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Greg, thnx for the feedback and taking time to chime in. I really appreciate your (and Kyle) help and patience. Im really disappointed right now. SC cardi, SS merino, IM bull, and now this. Im still optimistic....You knw Im trying to do my part pumping revenue to NMWA . :)Trust me, a visit to the shop is on my itinerary. I saw the pricing on MTM, what a great deal.
Thnx for the feedback guys. I was rationalizing the overall fit but verdict is consistent. Another disappointing result . Great coat. Im beginning to loose hope that certain NMWA brands , specially overcoats/jackets are not meant to be. More for others...Plan B, SS Juncus....well see since the style is more forgiving chest/length wise..Light OCBD. I cannot size up due to things you already noted. Thnx Dthnx jet. I noticed that too. Due to waist being too tight as noted by...
Not sure about your budget but one my favorite derby is RL Marlowe shortwing cordovan. Also, it seems like you prefer AE, go for the Clifton. a cap toe brougue
I really like the casual vibe of the overcoat. Material is great, warm enough but not too heavy.Overall fit is great, with SC or with dress shirt. I'm a little wary on the overall length though. I'm not sure if it's a little long or just the cut itself. Obviously the sleeves need to be shortened. Any thoughts/comments?Thanks... [[SPOILER]]
testing @Murlsquirl Great fits, and thanks for your service...
@Patrick R lols..another one. I can't imagine how many unread mentions PatrickR has on his inbox. All meant for you...btw, great fits as always
it looks like it; from what I can see (OCBD), buttons are sewn on left placket vs. right on men's..No?
+1. I'd like to order for my wife as well.....
Thanks for confirming this on Shetland sizing. Their sizing suggestion are out of whack, lots of shet going on. I would appreciate if you can post/pm measurement of the sleeves and body length on size 38
IME, AS (even regular line) is better made/materials. I have one Loake boots thats about 5 years old and holding up well. If you think the fit will work out, great prices on BB sale.
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