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http://www.styleforum.net/t/317388/rank-these-designer-brands-polo-shirts/0_30 http://www.styleforum.net/t/337379/the-great-polo-shirt-conundrum/0_30 http://www.styleforum.net/t/310599/what-is-a-good-polo-shirt-brand-i-need-very-high-quality-polos-with-real-pearl-buttons/0_30
I wasn't aware they have a footwear operation...
I have 2 and will be placing another order soon...great choice
turn on, specially when wearing suit/SC + tie....but mind blown why a $700+ shoe (Vass) is a great value for the money in StyleFo... Hey honey, I like the color of that "green" shoebox. Is that on sale?
at 5-6 , I opted for 55 in for Grenadines (factor stretching) and 55.65 in for others
assuming from Union Station, then yes. You may want to plan and group your visit. PStuart, George Green, Ralph Lauren are within the same vicinity (Mag mile/Oak street area). Syd Jerome is in the Loop area while Haberdash flagship is in South Loop. They also have a couple of smaller locations west of Mag mile...Morris and Sons is also a good stop (South Loop)Have fun
^^ whew, crisis averted ....looking forward to see the "Foo shoo" evolution...
thnx Patrick. We hav similar shoulder/chest mesurements but im definitely not as tall only 5-6. Are the sleeves on the twill non functional which can b shortened? I knw it will b too long for me. I need a topcoat bad for current chicago weather and rhe hopsack fits the bill. I just need to figure out my sz since all sales are final. Thnx again
Thnx this helps.A 54 is available which i believe is a better fit shoulder wise but might be a little big on the chest. A 52 though out of stoc prsents the opposite, chest wil be ideal.
what is the suggested sizing for LBM Hopsack overcoat? I typically wear 30-40S Suit/SC? Is it similar to Casentino in terms of fit or slimmer? working cuffs? Thanks
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