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Monitaly!!! F**k Rambo, Greg/Kyle, that's badass
@luxire, are the linen fabrics back ordered/OOS during the recent sale? It is very unusual that I have not receive any dispatch confirmation compared to previous orders. It seems like it is taking a little longer than usual. Just checking. Thanks
I thought 40 was ideal and was initially disappointed since it was OOS. I ended up with 38 and 42 for trial. I kept the 42 which is perfect for how I plan to wear/layering. Slim enough for my michelin man physique which is great. Sleeves are easy alteration. Already my go to spring/maybe even early fall outerwear. Denim like texture is unique/amazing. Kop now
In reference to Orcival heavy long sleeve definition of Boat neck is it a wider opening (vs regular tees) or just the design? TIA
I'm looking forward to my next kop with your signature...
Thanks man and I really hope so. I've been eyeing the Scoth Grain Alt Wein for awhile. My plan was to wait for re-stock in 40, try it on and if it doesn't fit perfectly, go the MTO route. I know @gdl203will be able to help and arrange the process.
Any sizing guideline for Vass P2? Thanks C&J 341/348 5.5UK C&J/RL Marlowe 7D (slight heel slip) Alden Barrie 6.5D and 7D Leydon AE#5 7D Edit: Went with 40 although I may be a 39.5 and that will be MTO. This is where I really appreciate the return policy and great CS of NMWA.
I find NOBD2 slight curved appealing. Unique in its own way. Most of my shirts for suit/SC and ties are NOBD1, the rest are 2
if it was indeed the only one, should be in gallery section for posterity and as part of NWMA historical archives
PSA, anybody who missed out on the OS Navigator Flitwick navy jacket in sz 38, watch out for a re-stock .
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