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testing @Murlsquirl Great fits, and thanks for your service...
@Patrick R lols..another one. I can't imagine how many unread mentions PatrickR has on his inbox. All meant for you...btw, great fits as always
it looks like it; from what I can see (OCBD), buttons are sewn on left placket vs. right on men's..No?
+1. I'd like to order for my wife as well.....
Thanks for confirming this on Shetland sizing. Their sizing suggestion are out of whack, lots of shet going on. I would appreciate if you can post/pm measurement of the sleeves and body length on size 38
IME, AS (even regular line) is better made/materials. I have one Loake boots thats about 5 years old and holding up well. If you think the fit will work out, great prices on BB sale.
I'm about 99% both are Loake, 1st item similar to old Jack model...2nd I believe is Leamington
Good Luck with the show, have fun and take plenty of pics.Fok, where you wearing your SS Merino coat?
@Newcomer hired an intern just for NMWA kopping; keep hitting refresh until a desired item shows up.....winner
Ha Ha Ha... well I'm glad it found a nice home within SF/NMWA community
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