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Individual pieces looks good. but put together, too GQ for my taste with so many accessories..looks like he is wearing jeggings. The AP watches looks baller though...
Langdale has been on my hit list for quite some time. I already have the Grassmere, it's long wing/blucher cousin. While the styles are entirely different, I cannot decide between Langdale or Trickers Stow in Acorn..
Shell ? that's like stealing...great deal/boot
Father and Son swag...great pic/fits
While it is an odd choice from a sartorial pov, I believe Mariotta's tie is a pattern to honor his Polynesian heritage.
try again...@gdl203 or @conceptual 4est. Thanks
template for all future Kops...
lol, my 15 yo wants the same thing....and the suede boots as well.
I don't have any experience nor any knowledge about the original subject matter, but this thread delivers. So much to learn... Great to see knowledgeable members going at it. Primary reason why I got hooked to SF in the first place. Carry on gents.....
I have the Herring Gladstone from the same last, 11028. I sz down and went with 5.5 (from US 7D). Last is slightly narrow and elongated.For reference, I wear 5.5UK in c&j 341/348; 6.5 EG 202; 6.5D Alden Barrie and 7D Leydon; 7D in AE #7. I hope this helps. Good Luck
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