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I have a couple made by another MTM tailor. Be careful when pressing as it doesn't take long for the pressing to make an imprint in the collar of the loops specially with colored shirts. Less noticeable with white. I should have expected this since another member tried to warn me. Try one and see if you like it. Just something to consider. Good Lucksample pic of what I tried to replicate (this is Phat Guido's) 
I am interested as well. The color/shade of the sample pics are nice...
^^ Senor Crusty ?
you want to be the baller shit in Asia? try this and they will be all over you
Affiliate NMWA has some briefcases as well..Calabrese and La Portegna and Glaser Designs, although cost a little more +1 for Frank Clegg, a great value....
- staying in shape - while I still post random questions, using the search function has definitely saved me $$$; through members experience, fit/sizing, quality, return/shipping etc, etc..It can be overwhelming at times, but there's so much info out there. - compiling a list of members with similar sizes also helps. I can always send pm's if I have specific fit questions. While final call is always mine, it does help using all these information.
just curious, from a design and aesthetics standpoint, do you think the Ettinger Chelsea tote is suitable for women? I don't see a big difference design wise from other makers that I have looked into....Wife needs a good tote bag. She's petite if that helps...TIA
paging @NOBD
Greg/Kyle please....Thanks
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