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FTFY Murls...for the most part, lol..The danger is my son is creeping on the SW&D swags. I may pick a couple of items for him. He's been calling the Esemplare fishtail knit and Niche Mangas. The Esemplare parka with EURO code is hmmmm
Farnese tubo incoming...looking at OS and Calabrese items... Vass Olive Suede is nice...
Great. Nope, I just noticed it was up. I took an L to compensate for my broad shoulders.
There is 1 available now...gone in 10, 9, 8 ......
Thanks G...glad I kopped the Olive Niche shacket. Couple of sleeve rolls is a good rakish look. Perfect weight for Spring and cool Summer days. Simple design/function. In addition to OS Navigator and another piece, my S/S outerwear is finally set.Well, at least for this season . Come next year, pretty sure Greg will come up with new/desirable goodies. Now I need more hits with F/W outerwear items. I guess we can never have too many outerwear/jackets.
imo, 34 looks good. For pants/shorts, I like to size down comfortably if possible. It's an incentive to maintain/reduce my waistline.
Niche utility shirt jacket, how difficult it would be to shorten the sleeves? From pics, looks like a very complicated sewing patterns/construction
tru dat on Murls.Fok,I totally agree. But my perception is a number of new members are just plain lazy. I use to help them navigate by suggesting the search function, as we all should if possible. I would even do the search and post links to older/similar threads. But I got tired. Most of these noobs wants instant answers asap, without having the experience of doing some legwork and taking advantage of forumfunctions.When I'm in a good mood, I still post of older...
Monitaly!!! F**k Rambo, Greg/Kyle, that's badass
@luxire, are the linen fabrics back ordered/OOS during the recent sale? It is very unusual that I have not receive any dispatch confirmation compared to previous orders. It seems like it is taking a little longer than usual. Just checking. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: