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Great. Nope, I just noticed it was up. I took an L to compensate for my broad shoulders.
There is 1 available now...gone in 10, 9, 8 ......
Thanks G...glad I kopped the Olive Niche shacket. Couple of sleeve rolls is a good rakish look. Perfect weight for Spring and cool Summer days. Simple design/function. In addition to OS Navigator and another piece, my S/S outerwear is finally set.Well, at least for this season . Come next year, pretty sure Greg will come up with new/desirable goodies. Now I need more hits with F/W outerwear items. I guess we can never have too many outerwear/jackets.
imo, 34 looks good. For pants/shorts, I like to size down comfortably if possible. It's an incentive to maintain/reduce my waistline.
Niche utility shirt jacket, how difficult it would be to shorten the sleeves? From pics, looks like a very complicated sewing patterns/construction
tru dat on Murls.Fok,I totally agree. But my perception is a number of new members are just plain lazy. I use to help them navigate by suggesting the search function, as we all should if possible. I would even do the search and post links to older/similar threads. But I got tired. Most of these noobs wants instant answers asap, without having the experience of doing some legwork and taking advantage of forumfunctions.When I'm in a good mood, I still post of older...
Monitaly!!! F**k Rambo, Greg/Kyle, that's badass
@luxire, are the linen fabrics back ordered/OOS during the recent sale? It is very unusual that I have not receive any dispatch confirmation compared to previous orders. It seems like it is taking a little longer than usual. Just checking. Thanks
I thought 40 was ideal and was initially disappointed since it was OOS. I ended up with 38 and 42 for trial. I kept the 42 which is perfect for how I plan to wear/layering. Slim enough for my michelin man physique which is great. Sleeves are easy alteration. Already my go to spring/maybe even early fall outerwear. Denim like texture is unique/amazing. Kop now
In reference to Orcival heavy long sleeve t-shirt...by definition of Boat neck is it a wider opening (vs regular tees) or just the design? TIA
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