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- staying in shape - while I still post random questions, using the search function has definitely saved me $$$; through members experience, fit/sizing, quality, return/shipping etc, etc..It can be overwhelming at times, but there's so much info out there. - compiling a list of members with similar sizes also helps. I can always send pm's if I have specific fit questions. While final call is always mine, it does help using all these information.
just curious, from a design and aesthetics standpoint, do you think the Ettinger Chelsea tote is suitable for women? I don't see a big difference design wise from other makers that I have looked into....Wife needs a good tote bag. She's petite if that helps...TIA
paging @NOBD
Greg/Kyle please....Thanks
@gdl203, any plan to restock Buttero brown and white calf in 39? Thanks.
Thanks Greg.You know why I'm asking do you? :-). I will follow up....
Thanks D.....dang dang dang .
requesting sizing guideline for both U and New Peter lasts. I wear the ff sizes below. TIA - 6.5D Alden Barrie - 7D Alden Leydon - 5.5E C&J 341/348 - 7D C&J RL Marlow (with a little heel slip) - 7D AE #5
speaking of which, what would be the sizing reco for the Butteros low, if I wear 7US, should I go 39 or 40? White or Brown , but the Taupe suede is so unique...TIA
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