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I thought of checking in first to avoid sizing/fit surprises... I wear 6.5D Barrie in boots with great fit and comfy. It should be the same size for LWB Color 8, right? Nothing to factor in for anything else like heel slippage or toe box stretching? Thanks.
Happy Bday NMWA!! Thanks for the great customer service.... bday code burning down the house? lol
Gerry, exactly what I'm trying to choose from, although I already have a number of Olive/Greenish outerwear....Regarding the herringbone, about 12-13 oz, heavy soft/stiff hand? Do you wear a M? Thanks
G, with light sweater and/or OCBD, TTS? Thanks
Cuff..Sending it back? you'll regret it...
Greg/Kyle, any plan of another MTO (need an XS) for the S&C cardigan? Thanks
been awhile, is there any noticeable fit difference between current Milano chinos vs. 3-4 years past? Thanks
Just curious since I am not familiar with shipping/packaging pricing structure. Can I actually help minimize NMWA costs if I use a smaller box/envelope when shipping back while using the return sticker? I don't want to re-use the same box returning one of the items (smaller). It looks weird. If it doesn't matter, then I;ll use the same box then. Just trying to help reduce shipping cost if I can...
FTFY Murls...for the most part, lol..The danger is my son is creeping on the SW&D swags. I may pick a couple of items for him. He's been calling the Esemplare fishtail knit and Niche Mangas. The Esemplare parka with EURO code is hmmmm
Farnese tubo incoming...looking at OS and Calabrese items... Vass Olive Suede is nice...
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