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@Newcomer I edited my post with measurements for Small...you may be able to extrapolate your size or ask Greg/Kyle for recos...The NMWA special edition jacket is gold..I've been wearing the sh%% out the last few days, great for layering
got it...from my experience with IM items I tried in Small- Buttoned Neck is cut trimmer along chest/body and with longer sleeves and body length- Special jacket/cardigan sleeves and length are shorter- Bulls wool is a lot more generous in chest/waist and longer sleevesAran Buttoned Neck - Aran NMWA jacket (buttoned) - Bulls Wool ==> (all in Small)Chest =- 19.5 - 20 - 40.23BOC = 25.35 - 25 - 25.18Sleeves from BOC/from pit = 31.5/18 - 29.5/17 - 32/18.25Shoulder seams - 16...
which one? I have the Aran buttoned neck (charcoal/anthracite ?) and the NMWA special edition jacket in Small if you like?
Kyle/Greg (or anybody), on Big John Slim tapered...Thanks - TTS or account for stretching? - Much slimmer/tapered vs. Straight slim? - calf, leg opening measurements for szs 31 and 32 please? what exactly is Slubby vs regular yarn?
when I inquire a couple years back, my SA said Malaysia. Not sure how accurate the claim but he's been with BB for 25+ yrs so.....
I placed an order prior to the VORTEX promo...oh well, there are other items I can use it for....
Alden is not immune to flaws. And yes they sell seconds, at ShoemartOP, if you are not satisfied, just return/exchange the item. end of story
While I would prefer candidates not to wear any Psquares, focus on your interview. We had a candidate couple weeks ago wearing a matching Purple Tie/Square and a full Windsor knot. Terrible.
Patrick R, is that from last year, Valstar A1 down? So you have both colors , grey as well?
Ahh. Make sense to me now as I cannot put why something is off. Thnx Patrick with a space before the R....
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