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I find NOBD2 slight curved appealing. Unique in its own way. Most of my shirts for suit/SC and ties are NOBD1, the rest are 2
if it was indeed the only one, should be in gallery section for posterity and as part of NWMA historical archives
PSA, anybody who missed out on the OS Navigator Flitwick navy jacket in sz 38, watch out for a re-stock .
PM sent
I just need to vent guys, so please bear with me....OOS in my size. so frustrating Ok. I'm done.
LOL..will be soon..It's killing me. I just want that .05% kopping chance
My wallet is glad I'm not in the market for Suit/SC right now. So many great choices. Surprised some are still available. Looks like the animals herd/flock are resting for now. Give it some time for the next feeding schedule
been waiting for the OS drop the last 3 days. I am very concern that it will happen during the hrs that I'm away...begging for immediate drops now so at least I have that .05% chance of kopping. F5 F5 F5.
will Ollie show up today? :+)
F5 F5 F5 F5
New Posts  All Forums: