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@AJL we need to compare sizing notes.....and duke it out whoever gets the last item still available. I feel your frustrations...
sup S? you should be very happy. I hope
from a context/formality standpoint, can the LBM basket weave Navy overcoat be worn casually (with lite Knit/OCBD) or it is primarily a suit/SC piece of garment? really that slim it is recommended to size up? Length wise, is it above or below the knee? I can't tell if it has functional sleeves...Thanks
Thanks FC...me too. I try to exert some effort/exercise when I can...IMO, orange will go well with your wide collection of jackets/SC...or just get BOTH
Rake, leaves, bird feeder, GRP, and Buttero.....] Thanks to @gdl203, @Asian Afro, and @Sotiris for sizing assistance....Now I need to figure out Esemplare, Valstar, and SS Juncus
Sad, really sad. They have some really nice items...
Anyone? Please....
any fit pics or measurements of the following is much appreciated... - Valstar field jacket in 38 - GRP A1 style cardigan in sz 3
Do members get any form of discounts/promo codes from the affiliate? Thought i should ask as I'm interested in a few items. Thanks
While I'm sad that it didn't work for me, I'm glad it will find a nice home. Thank You Indeed, what a beautiful piece of garmentFor additional Inis Meain sizing reference, the Aran buttoned neck in Charcoal is cut a little trimmer than normal.
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