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almost every NMWA item is cut perfectly for Murl (and FrankC)
Sorry, yes Baker. Yeah, I'm tempted. Pretty reasonable I supposed at 50% off.
while the pattern (polka dot) is outside my normal zone, I am curious how does/should the SWD crowd wear this Bedford Baker? I looks pretty interesting piece for S/S wear. TIA
site down? drops in progress...uh ohh..get your wallets ready.....
Ditto. My 16 year old has been bugging me about it, but I don't want him to outgrow such an item. Although it is not my style, I really like this piece worn by others. I'm really surprised that the SWD crowd has not jumped on this. Maybe the camo trend?Also, how slim is the Niche "3/4 sleeve Mangas" floral shirt? My son wants the shirt and the SdC camo jacket. TIA
Small loot from Independence-Chicago. - Bedford Olive ripstop. I could have taken an M, but with how I plan to wear the item (layering with light knits and shirts), L makes more sense and allows for better movement. I really like the cut and simple design/function of this jacket. I will definitely look out for some F/W weight material next season. I need to try the Baker and Andover for future acquisition. - Workshirt Blue Chambray (S). While designed as roomy, I opted to...
Thank You...being 5-6, I think the jacket is cut short (28-29 in) so it would be ideal for vertically challenged guys like me. Now I have to decide the between the Navy (heavier Twill cloth) or the Olive (lighter ripstop) . Dang, wish I can have both. Yep, Independence already has both on hold for me until EOD. I think finally this is the jacket I;ve been looking for...Can't let go this time
Hi all. First time venturing into EGarments....if I wear a 39-40S (39 chest,17.5 shoulders) sportcoat, any sizing reco on the Bedford ripstop jacket? It looks like M would be ideal, but again I don't have any experience with EG sizing. TIA. W
.he is back! gotta post your SF evolution chart
I love watching the transformation of newbs, posting and asking about AE seconds. In about 2-3 mos or so, started buying EG, Vass, GG by the bulk....
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