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Greg, TS(S) quilted jacket, with the functional buttons, how difficult would it be to shorten the sleeves ? Thanks
recent drop was so overwhelming I was hyper ventilating. Greg/Kyle, i'm a L in Niche, so M in SdC (Grey mixed jacket) and 4 in TS (Quilted jacket) ? Thanks
Happy New Year to all... Greg/Kyle , do you suggest taking the same size in Mack Waverly and Dalkeith raincoat? Thanks
Greg/Kyle, current LBM SB overcoats, same length, proportions, cut from last year? Thanks
Thanks G/Murl... the Rhapsody blue keeps calling me....
Greg/Kyle, The S&C lambswool crew, slim fitting per description, size up or TTS (S in IM)? wearing with light shirts/OCBD...Thanks
@BlueHorseShoe Affiliate NMWA has Monitaly vests that may fit your bill.
at a local Goodwill. see 3rd pic...$1.99
For golfers... Authenticated. At the "Studio" for restoration/refinishing.
If I may add... George Green for CM items. Independence, Notre for SWD Pequod's pizza. *** Merz is must stop for sure
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