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Can I please get some sizing advice? My first pair of Aldens (908 - Hampton Last) are a great fit at 11.5C. I know for some lasts you have to size down a half size; should I maintain the same width? This was the first pair of narrow shoes I've ever owned but worked well for me because my foot is long, wide up front, and narrow in the heel.
Breaking in my first pair of Aldens today. As I was walking outside in the morning sun, I noticed an odd glossy finish on part of the leather on my right shoe. This wasn't visible in my dark apartment. Would this be concerning to any of you?
I was there 2 weeks ago and didn't see any shell other than black and color 8.
I did, and it boiled down to cost. Ponying up $530 for the calfskin was a tad bit easier to stomach than the ~$700 for the cordovan for my very first pair of Aldens. Maybe the next pair .
Thank you all for your advice on my 1st pair of Aldens. I ended up getting a slightly different version of the burgundy mediallian captoe - the 908 balmoral model. I think they are absolutely stunning but I'm curious to hear if you guys think they are a good, versatile first pair. I haven't worn them yet because I keep asking myself "is this the right pair?" - which under normal circumstance wouldn't be a question if not for the price, which is more than I've ever paid for...
Yes, that's it! Just in burgundy, not black. I really want to make sure that this first purchase is the right one. Glad to hear that you guys think it's a good choice. My only fear is that this will start a very expensive new habit.
Question - I want to invest in my first pair of Aldens. I was thinking of getting the burgundy medallian captoe. Do you think that would be a good versatile first pair of Aldens to get (with suits)?
Can i get some sizing advice on the 65 last? The 10.5E fits me pretty good but it's a tad bit tight in the toe box and a bit too wide in the heel. A SA suggested I size up and more narrow so I ordered an 11.5C, which is great in the heel, but feels too long and unnatural where I flex. Any thoughts on what to try next? 11D?
I own all three. They're all on the same last, but I find my Fifth Avenues are more comfortable than my Park Avenues, and my Strands are significantly more comfortable than both of them.
Just got these merlot McAllisters delivered. Looks like there's a few imperfections - note the "winking" on the upper, as well as the place where the line/edge from the bottom piece is visible through the upper (maybe was sewn too tight?). Would you accept these as firsts or exchange them? I've had seconds that have looked better than these.
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