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My black suit crack was a joke .
Thanks to the recent AE sale, I picked up my first pair of brown dress shoes - Weybridge in brown (dark). Is it acceptable to wear these shoes with navy and blue suits? Are there any colors to avoid pairing these shoes with (of course I know they don't go with black, but fortunately I only wear black suits four days a week now ). I'm so color-phobic and have always worn black shoes before, so this is really branching out for me. Any input would be appreciated!
What makes AE "controversial?"
Oh ok, you've got me - just making up this random story for the hell of it. Are you really serious? I have better things to do with my time than to make up a shoe defect fantasy.Thank you ElDave for bringing up that there was a supplier issue. I'll take them to my local AE store.
I bought my first pair of AE Park Avenue's about a month ago. I am now on my third pair because on each pair, the heel begins to split from the sole within 1 wearing. Now that I'm on my third pair and the same problem has happened, I'm really at a loss as to what's going on. Nordstrom has been great about replacing each pair, but I am tired of going though the return process, which inevitably means waiting for them to ship me a new pair. I thought that AE represented...
Just purchased a pair of AE Weybridge on sale at Nordstrom, but the sides keep digging into my ankle bone. Insoles with a raised heel provide only marginal relief. Does anyone have a suggestion on shoes that won't irritate a low ankle bone.
Quote: Originally Posted by miketcooper Good advice there. Thanks. To the second (and third) part of my question: Has any one tried their suits (espec. the Black label range)? Critique? And they have shoes that are stated as UK made (Loake I'm assuming) but am I safe to assume that those shoes where country of origin is not mentioned (their entire standard range pretty much), are not UK in origin? They employ interesting tactics in hiding the...
This weekend, I picked up four Piattelli suits from a Barney's outlet - sold on the price, great fit, and fully canvassed construction. Three are super 130s, one is super 140s. How durable will these wools be for everyday wear? I know that the higher the s-count, the more delicate the wool, but how delicate are we talking with these s-counts?
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhoff Happy to see this thread started. Those of you that experience returning items to Nordstroms, do you find it an easy process or a difficult one? Reason I ask is that I have a pair of shoes I would like to exchange for a half size larger. I only wore them once so the soles have a little wear, but the upper and everything else is flawless. Purchased these about 3 months ago. Still have original box, bags, and receipt. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 You need to lurk more or at least pay attention to what you read. Sometimes I just don't get this. It's one thing to buy something you know is crap and accept it as crap, but to buy crap, expect it to be great, and complain when it's crap is just beyond me. Get your money back. There are other brands available in 38L. First off, I wasn't reading this forum when I bought the suits. Like most typical...
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