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I own all three. They're all on the same last, but I find my Fifth Avenues are more comfortable than my Park Avenues, and my Strands are significantly more comfortable than both of them.
Just got these merlot McAllisters delivered. Looks like there's a few imperfections - note the "winking" on the upper, as well as the place where the line/edge from the bottom piece is visible through the upper (maybe was sewn too tight?). Would you accept these as firsts or exchange them? I've had seconds that have looked better than these.
I sadly have to add to the chorus of countless customers who have encountered unacceptable customer service from Howard Yount/ aka Jamison. While I received my order promptly, it was not cut to the advertised dimensions on the online sizing chart. It took 3 emails to him with me asking if this was a defect or if the sizing chart was wrong, and while I finally got an "I'll look into it" response, that never happened, because I sent 3 more emails and got no reply, so I just...
I just got a pair of Park Avenues and the right shoe feels like the arch support is low, so on the instep I have this weird "slipping" feeling below my arch. Has anybody else experienced this before?
I just ordered a pair of the slim/Italian pants. They are beautiful but do not measure as advertised. I measured my pants and they were about a quarter inch narrower in the thigh and a whopping inch and a half narrower in the knee than the sizing chart indicates. This is my first order with the company. I emailed Jamison but haven't received a reply. If this was a cut defect, then I definitely want another pair, but if the sizing chart is inaccurate, I naturally want to...
My black suit crack was a joke .
Thanks to the recent AE sale, I picked up my first pair of brown dress shoes - Weybridge in brown (dark). Is it acceptable to wear these shoes with navy and blue suits? Are there any colors to avoid pairing these shoes with (of course I know they don't go with black, but fortunately I only wear black suits four days a week now ). I'm so color-phobic and have always worn black shoes before, so this is really branching out for me. Any input would be appreciated!
What makes AE "controversial?"
Oh ok, you've got me - just making up this random story for the hell of it. Are you really serious? I have better things to do with my time than to make up a shoe defect fantasy.Thank you ElDave for bringing up that there was a supplier issue. I'll take them to my local AE store.
I bought my first pair of AE Park Avenue's about a month ago. I am now on my third pair because on each pair, the heel begins to split from the sole within 1 wearing. Now that I'm on my third pair and the same problem has happened, I'm really at a loss as to what's going on. Nordstrom has been great about replacing each pair, but I am tired of going though the return process, which inevitably means waiting for them to ship me a new pair. I thought that AE represented...
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