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SOLD I am parting with a pair of Alden shell cordovan monk straps in size 7 on the Aberdeen last, which it turns out is too tight for my feet. The shoes have been lightly worn, no more than half a dozen times, with minimal scuffing and wear. I'll also throw in an unused jar of color 8 cordovan polish. Felt shoe bags are included. I am asking $400 for these shoes. They retail new for around $700.
Description: Loose fitting black leather buttoned jacket with removable liner. Although the jacket is size S, it fits somewhat large on me, as a consequence of which I haven't worn it that often. It is 5 or 6 years old. This is a longer jacket, much more so than a bomber or motorcycle jacket, and it's meant to be more loose fitting. On me it falls just below my front pants pockets. Manufacturer: Coach Condition: Gently used with wear showing only on the bottom hem and...
Bump again. Now they've opened a store in DC. Apparently it features a fully stocked bar, which seems rather tacky and gimmicky to me.
What other people are saying about drape seems to be correct. I recently had a couple of jackets made for me, and I simply brought a sweater to the second fitting to make sure it would fit under the jackets. As it happens, it did. Since the fabric of the jackets was a heavier weight, my tailor had already cut them to be slightly more loose than usual. Yet they still look quite fitted, even without the sweater.
I have one pair of grey oxford Epaulet Rivet size 29 chinos for sale. It turns out that the next size up is a better fit for me. Note that these pants have been hemmed and now have a 28" inseam All other measurements are exactly what Epaulet list on their website. I've had these chinos for approximately five months and have worn them frequently but gently. They have been impeccably maintained and are in excellent condition. The grey oxford cloth is hard to capture with...
I've been using Geoffrey Lewis for minor alterations and have been pleased with the results. They've even taken care to match the pattern when darting my shirts, which I didn't really expect. So naturally I've become curious about their MTM garments and am toying with the idea of getting a sports jacket and possibly some shirts. The gentleman who was helping me said that their jackets are fully canvased, which sounds promising. They start at $895, but that price applies...
Will do, thanks. I overlooked that email address on the site.
I've asked this question through the Viccel website contact form and I've posted it here and have received no response. I'm ready to place a large order, but I really need know how tall the OTC socks are from heel to the top of the sock. Is there anyone who has them who can take a quick measurement for me? I'd be grateful.
Kemal, Forgive me if this information is posted elsewhere and I've overlooked it, but can you let me know what the lengths of the winter weight OTC and MC socks are from the heel to the top? I'm trying to decide which ones to get and I suspect that OTC might be too tall for me. Thanks.
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