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Hi all, Here I have a size 48 tan baseball jacket for sale. The inside part of the jacket does have some indigo stains and the sleeves are kinda dirty also one of the button has some chips in it. Look at the pictures for a better understanding of the jacket. as I have a hard time describing things. Price is $300 or bo. Thanks.
Sorry to here that ac. Did you return the item with a tracking number? If you did show that to them.
Yeah, I agree with dmash.
These socks were kinda disappointing for me. I wear a size 7 in GATS and tried these socks with them. By the time I had the shoe on, the sock is all bunched up my heels. That also happened with my Nike and CP's. That's for both men and woman's socks which had been hot washed and dried. So if you have smaller feet, these might not work for you
Yeah, I think you should be fine with a size 28. Mine stretched about an inch in the waist if not more.
Anybody know where you can buy Dior's in the US?
$100 shipped.
Price drop $105 shipped.
I have a lightly used pair of selvage 31x32 RRL low straights for sale or trade for a smaller pair. I bought these new here but are little to big. Tag size is 31x32 but waist size measures more like a 34. I've soaked them once and wore them for a few hours. I'd sell them for $110 shipped or trade for a smaller size or if you have something else. measurements in BiG way waist 34in thigh 11in knee 8in inseam 32in hem 8in front rise 10in back rise...
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