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Currently have a pair of Pure Blue Japan XX-011. Had them over a year and a half and they look great. Looking for another pair of jeans though, as I've lost a few lbs and the waistband on the PBJ has stretched out a lot anyway, meaning they don't quite have the perfect fit they used to. Any suggestions on another pair?
The left-hand weave is pretty sweet, just because when you look at it, it is a little different. They're not slubby at all. I sized 1 down (31 -> 30), but BiG e-mailed me to let me know that the 30s were running about .5" bigger than usual too. I could have done ok without that extra .5", but its still a good fit imo.
Terrible lighting here, but wanted to post up some initial pics of my PBJ XX-011s. Love the gray weft on these. Just got them 3 days ago, put em in a cold soak and they have about 8 hours of wear so far. Album here: http://lousy.imgur.com/denim#230lK
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