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I'm between sizes on the Fjallraven 'Yupik Parka' ( ), I was curious how fitted they were in the chest and waist? how relatively long are the sleeves?
Do yourself a favour and buy the SL Shadows.
The band members themselves rub me the wrong way but are ultimately beneficial for society. Their music is inconsistent but undoubtedly marked by some classic tracks.
As others have mentioned, I feel as though the office scenarios that have taken precedent in the latter half of the season have felt rushed, melodramatic, and altogether unsatisfying to watch. It seems as though Matthew Weiner is satisfied with exploring the psyche of individual characters at a time whereas I always felt the character dynamics were the most interesting aspects of the show. I'm going to miss Lane... and Peggy, too.
Lane hasn't made an on-screen appearance in ~3 episodes
Experiences have a longer-lasting impact on one than possessions; travel.
I think this episode shows that Don can be a stable individual and things can still be intriguing. Particularly when Don takes on the likable, alpha male role we've been discussing.
Over the past 9 months this thread has gradually transformed itself into SW&D's "What Not to Wear: Footwear Addition" thread.
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