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Whats the sizing like on the postal shoe/oxford. Im wanting a pair. Should i just get my regular US sneaker size?
So has anyone got pics of how the new kanye jeans fit? out of curiosity
Thinking of getting these oliver people glasses - Altman. Anyone know where to get OP glasses at the best price (and still be legit) Any sites to particularly avoid?
I usually dont post or critique but I dunno man, i kinda see where that dude was coming from, cos it ALWAYS seems to stick out at me when I browse this thread.Rather than 'try hard' i think 'over thought' is more appropriate.Even with just wearing a T and jeans you still look 'over thought' which isnt a good sign.It could be just the way you stand or something, but often you look kinda uncomfortable in what you are wearing.It looks as though you 'try hard' or are very...
Im wearing size 24 apc jeans, weigh around 110lbs and still feel chubby I even feel like i look more tubs than friends of similar height who weigh 20-30lbs more than me and who dont workout. Whats up with that D:
Easily fixed n.b: The two sizes listed next to each US size is what sizes you should really only be looking at. In general though you are most likely the size listed on the left. If you deviate a lot from that chart. Piss off no one needs your ****ed up feet confusing everyone else. Half sizers piss off too! lol jokes, seriously but, Im not expert on half sizer but from what I have seen you are better off rounding UP rather than rounding down. ie if you are a...
But the size 44CP will then fit like a 12us and a person who is a size 11 wont be wanting to wear size 12 shoes. The sizes i listed had the adjustments factored in already ie
I think the following is the consensus for CP sizing Common Projects size = US Size 39=7US 40=8US 41=9US 42=10US 43=11US 44=12US 45=13US I am a 7US in most sneakers. tried a 40 which was too big, got a 39, fit was like a perfect size 7us for me. That was for the achilles
haha yeah true. I dont know why i feel so awkward this time round, ive gone through 3 pairs of raw jeans in the past but its only now I feel weird in these brand new ones. they just dont seem to look good with anything.Maybe i am just used to my old beat up jeans and cbf going through the wear and tear process now. Ill probably just use them as house lounging pants for the mean time.
Just bought a new pair of raw denims and my gawd I feel so awkward in them. I dont mind the stiffness but its the dark blue color. I feel like a total stiff in them and dont feel like I look right in them I never recalled feeling this way when my old jeans were new. Help! Even wearing a standard white T shirt makes me feel awkward in them. Has anyone had this issue? I find myself going back to my old jeans
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