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It was not a question of return on investment (which would be looking at success from Roman's POV), but a question of Roman's effect on Chelsea, which has been undeniably positive.
Except he's turned a middle-of-the-road club into a 2x EPL, 1x CL, multiple time FA & Carling Cup winning club. So, yeah...
Rafa looks like an accountant. Could there be a more damning condemnation?
And Rafa Benitez has officially been appointed the manager of Chelsea FC.
The Pac-"12" just doesn't look right with Utah and Colorado in there, either. Especially since Colorado sucks.
Cech was a world class keeper. He just makes too many boneheaded mistakes now. So while he's still very good on his day, I expect to see Courtois between the sticks at Stamford Bridge in the not-too-distant future.Honestly though, you could make a graph like that for pretty much every national team: England, US, France, etc.
Defense and goalkeeper is also a serious weakness for Chelsea.
You want Beckham to play as a center forward?
In those places, in a top league, I just don't see what he offers. I love Becks and he's still a very talented player, but I don't believe he's capable of playing at the top level any longer.
I agree that he's one of the top passers in the game. But he's a defensive liability, is riddled with injuries in his old age, and honestly I just don't see ManU going for him. That would mean, if he wanted to go back to England, playing for a different club (something he said he'd never do).
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