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I agree. I thought they were silly criticisms. The story concerns members of the criminal underground, so of course they're going to be unsavory people... It's the first in a series, apparently, so I'll be reading book #2 (Collusion) sometime in the near future.
It may be getting a little old, but I still enjoy the hell out of it.
Either way, don't be surprised to see one of them traded after the season.
Thanks for sucking, Green Bay Defense!
I'd take the reins at Chelsea. At least when I inevitably got sacked I'd get a fat payoff.
I'd be curious to hear your opinion on a couple of points. Several reviews I read claimed that Neville depicted all the Irish in a very negative light, all the characters being thugs, criminals, etc, and that the author ignored the root causes of The Troubles that caused the men to do what they had.I refused to read these books for years, despite high praise, because the covers were so shitty. I read the trilogy earlier this year and really enjoyed it. I've actually moved...
You know Shaktar's a Ukrainian side, right?
I would be very, very, very surprised. They just don't have the depth of the big teams to compete on all fronts. Fantastic starting XI, a few good impact players, but overall not enough quality on the bench.
Exactly. Which is why the initial comment was stupid.
Again, it's not really a question of any unique quality of Roman's, other than the fact that he's consistently poured millions upon millions into the club. Compare pre-Roman CFC to post-Roman CFC and the results are undeniable: Chelsea has become a much more successful, larger, more relevant club under Roman's ownership.
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