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For a normal communication sure, but that text went straight from Brody to Nazir (and it would have to, in a situation like that).
...How does Brody have a number for Nazir when the guy probably goes through phones like they're nothing?Aren't they in a CIA building? How are the signals not monitored or blocked?He had some other qualms, but those more related to Brody's signaling Nazir as it related to other events in the show.
I'm enjoying it. Rudy obviously the anchor of the show now. The two new new characters (as opposed to the characters who've been new since the start of the season) are going to be fully introduced in the next episode, I believe.
A good friend of mine recently started watching the show and is a few eps into season 2. He was a little upset with the scene where Brody texts Abu Nazir to warn him the CIA is about to blow his brains out (not in so many words). He thought it was one of the most unrealistic, silliest things he'd seen on TV. How do you guys feel about that scene?
They should leave it the way it is, except let the prize for the Europe League being automatic qualification to the CL. That would make teams take it a lot more seriously.
As do I, but I don't think it's very flattering on her (at least when naked).
Not the first time we've seen 'em. Also, her short hair is very off-putting.
Saw this yesterday. Brilliant. Never much liked Barton, but I certainly like him a little more now.
Spot on.
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