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Honestly, I think their physios are just absolute shit. RVP is not the first player to be plagued by injuries at Arsenal and remain (relatively) unscathed at his new club.
Tentative current lineup: QB: Matt Ryan RB1: Marshawn Lynch RB2: Bradshaw WR1: Calvin Johnson WR2: Dez Bryant Flex: Cobb TE: Martellus Bennett Any points for returns?
I'd love to see a Thursday Next movie.
Ran into Kitty Pryde at a club in Florida. Only thing worse than her music is her attitude.
Well they've already done a hell of a lot more than City, and those two points being side by side doesn't help your argument. I'll restate what I said earlier that they won't win, but they've got the quality to beat any team (but later in the competition, injury and fatigue will play their part). Think of Newcastle this season compared to last. Very similar situation in regards to having a quality first XI but little in the way of quality subs. Can't really see Dortmund...
Galvez? That's the best guess (especially since he's a Muslim).
No... I don't think so. I think what happened (and what we're meant to think) is that Estes is the one who's responsible for having Saul detained (so he can't interfere with Quinn's mission).
That's definitely an exaggeration, especially when you consider the fact there was already an episode where one character's dick falls off.
Never read any McEwan. Is it anywhere near vintage le Carre?
Realistically, there was no alternative except playing the game tomorrow and having two MNF games. How much of a difference is a day going to make? They certainly couldn't not play the game.
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