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That'd be awesome.I'd like to see Rudy and Nathan together.
Jack Reacher looks godawful.He's just very vanilla. Boring and not a great actor. Vintage Tom Cruise a la Risky Business or Top Gun even Jerry Maguire, sure. None of this newer action stuff, though.
Jax Teller and Luther fighting inside giant robots? I'm game.
Except most people who work at a council estate bar don't have thousands of pounds to throw at random people to help find his cock. It's a weak, odd storyline all around, especially when you consider they did a cock losing story with Rudy the previous season. But thankfully now it's over. Have we seen whether or not he (Alex) has a power yet?
Looks pretty cool. Unfortunate that Tom Cruise is the lead.
Not that I'm saying the situation is realistic, because come on... but to argue your point, why wait for something you want when you can have it right now?
Except what if he wasn't reaching for a gun and he had a bomb strapped on? He is a terrorist, after all. Ain't gonna try to wing him when they've got know idea what's under his jacket or shirt or what he's reaching for.
Just watched Ruby Sparks. Someone else posted about this (relatively) recently. Really enjoyed the movie.
All of which is incredible. Let's be honest, though. CR7 is the top athlete in professional football.
So I'm thinking the NFL should relegate the Cardinals and promote whoever wins the BCS Championship. They couldn't be any worse...
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