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How so? The goblins under the Misty Mountains were mostly small. They looked very different from the orcs (like Azog the Destroyer) that were hunting the dwarves. Someone feel free to embed (having a brain fart). Beats even that Stoke pic.
Looks really good.
Only okay. Thirty minutes too long and a bit boring to start.
I love all the previews, but the ads are obnoxious. I'd happily sit through 40 minutes of previews, though.
After watching I think I'm going to give a shot.
Not that I'm complaining, but why have their been two episodes each of the past two weeks?
Also curious to hear how the new shooting speed looks after some early negative reviews.
Have you seen Valkyrie?I certainly wouldn't say he's "great" in everything he does, but he's 100% wrong for Reacher (and not just because of the foot difference in height). I'm just not a huge fan of his newer, more serious work.I'll still see this movie because it looks cool, but for me, I think someone else in this role would be a lot better.
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