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Someone x-post these to WYHI?
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good many Bleacher Sports articles, but it's not exactly hard-hitting journalism (even for sports). 99% of articles are written by fan-boys, with all the depth and understanding of a rock.
Sure, it's an excellent team, but not even close to representative of the best team possible of players this year...
That's just the All-La Liga Team.
Excellent premise, so-so execution (what do you expect? It's Sci-Fi). But now I just can't picture Peter Krause as a tough, stop-at-nothing cop after watching Parenthood...
James Sallis is severely under-appreciated, this series especially.
Prefer something newer, as I've seen many of the good 'older' movies. I like psychological thrillers/suspense like Memento, where scene to scene you're not exactly sure what's happening, or more procedural dramas like Lincoln Lawyer, with or without a nice twist.
I'm looking for recs for a mystery/thriller movie... I like stuff like Memento, The Lincoln Lawyer, etc.
That is correct.
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