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I concur.
Pretty good so far, very reminiscent of old school crime novels. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Jason Starr, I love me some Ken Bruen.
I use a Kindle Touch and a Kindle Fire.I've read all five, loved them all to varying degrees, and I can't wait for the sixth book. That being said... I think the fifth and most recent book was by far the worst. So bloated and sloppy it reminded me of a WoT novel. Book 4 gets all the hate but, for me, it's miles better than numero 5. Hoping GRRM rebounds as this next one is the penultimate in the series.
*le sigh*
Sold 'im.
Why does that matter?
Thiago Motta sucks.
I totally agree. But he hasn't had a better year than Falcao.
Ibra doesn't deserve to be in there in Falcao's place. He's a great player no doubt, at the moment better than Falcao, but the Columbian had an incredible year (Ibra's was only very good).
Good for Sahin. He's a player I love to watch (even though he plays for Dortmund). He's a quality footballer, but his career went pear-shaped after leaving Germany. Hopefully he'll be able to turn it back around, though hopefully not against Schalke.
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