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Johnson certainly justifying taking Jozy's spot on the roster. I don't think anyone predicted that from him.
Training up in the Pyrenees, I read yesterday.
I didn't get to watch the match as I had one of my own. Can you elaborate?
Thanks for the 28 fantasy points, Reggie Wayne.
Flannel only in fall and winter, linen the rest of the year.
Yeah, it seems like the selection of games on ESPN3 is really poor this season. Haven't seen a single Bundesliga game, when usually there was one every weekend.
They didn't. A new manager came in, deemed him surplus to requirements, and sold him to Stoke.
Charlie Adam plays for Stoke now, anyway.
Andy Carroll is on loan at West Ham, and has been for a while now...
Anyone else a fan of Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series?
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