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It seems so...The real question is, where are Shah and the other resident Gunners?
What's your point? Nothing I said contradicts that.
Umm... what?
Except they haven't really done anything yet in Europe. Maybe that will change this season.Also, they've held on to their talent so far. But they've lost Kagawa, and it stands to reason that eventually Lewandowski, Gotze, Reus, Subotic, & co will go as well.How well they do in the league (Munich really tearing the Bundesliga apart atm) and in Europe (good start so far) this year, and perhaps next year, will determine how many of their top players they hold onto.
Wir sind Schalker!
So a great offense beating an aging defense, and a great offense losing to some unknown opponent that could be equally skilled on defense? Good comparison!
Dead link.
I love The League, but I'm getting sick of Taco. Less is definitely way more with him.
Some really promising young players coming up for the US, Danny Williams and Terrence Boyd being two of my favorites. Williams was excellent tonight, doing Jermaine Jones's job much better than JJ (sorry, homes) has ever done it, and Boyd was not a part of the setup (not sure why). Also like Fabian Johnson, another Bundesliga boy. A lot of our youngsters our doing well over in Germany.
Who here's playing UT on PS3? What team you rockin? I got Budesliga golds in a 4-4-2 (prefer the 4-2-3-1, but there's a criminal lack of affordable pacy CAMs in Germany).
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