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... except it was MLS that canceled the game, not the Red Bulls...
Mertesacker has only this season become a solid player for the Gunners. Last season, he was perhaps their biggest liability.
And Schalke is one of the best supported German teams.
The latter is my preferred option. The personal webcam course sounds fantastic, but I'm afraid most of my funds are tied up helping a Nigerian prince (I'm gonna make a huge return on my investment, though. And it's for a good cause).
You're being too hard on Jenkinson. He's done very well this season. There's a reason he's keeping Sagna out of the team now that he's back from injury.
God, I love this show.
They sound a lot like Nickelback. Have you heard of them? They have a couple songs on the radio sometimes.
Any of you guys live there? Thoughts? What are the best areas to live?
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