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Thank you for pointing that out.
Show us a pic.
Good, not great. Certainly better than QoS.
Huh?In other news, LA Galaxy won 3-0 at home to Seattle thanks to a great performance from everyone's favorite Irishman, Robbie Keane. They ran absolute riot over the Sounders and could've had a few more.
A team plays poorly one night and so they'll never be able to compete with the rest of the world?
Erm, what?
Chiefs have introduced the "Romeo Rule." Every player who turns the ball over will be benched (not sure for how long). Seems a bit extreme...
No, yes, probably.
Yep. They're shooting it now, I believe.
Much more impressive from the second angle. I thought Rimando had a broken face or something? Let's go Keane & co.!
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