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God, I hate Taylor Twellman. Such a terrible announcer.
The problem is, even with those mistakes, he's still head and shoulders above every other English goalkeeper.
They're nowhere near being the 3rd best team in the world, though.
They went Dutch and she gave him a hand jibber in the car.
Not to be pedantic, but that was a physical mistake, not a mental mistake.
Aren't dark elves supposed to be, you know, dark? That guy looks like Legolas's second cousin.
Agree. It's obviously an avenue they would have to explore. But I'm glad she ended up not knowing who he was, because that would, in my mind, be unrealistic.
A lot of younger, foreign-based players. Josh Gatt, Terrence Boyd, Danny Williams, Fabian Johnson, Timmy Chandler, Geoff Cameron, etc.
The guard didn't notice because he's a dumbass and was facing away from the door the whole time.
Hahaha, Wow. Back to the caravan, Michael.
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