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Alright benders, who's watching season 4?
I don't think ManU will go for Mourinho. They've seen the kind of success that stability brings with SAF, and they'll want that in their next manager. Mourinho is infamous for only staying at a club for a few years.
Close game.
Moyes won't go to Spurs. Not enough of a step up. Honestly, I think he's waiting for SAF's seat at Old Trafford.
The question is, of course, who would they bring him in to replace him?
Honestly, I'd take that over snow or rain all the time.
Walcott is the black Tom Selleck.
Depends how far north you're talkin'.
Agree. There's certainly not that big of a gulf in class between the two teams. I didn't watch the match; what was Adebayor sent off for?
Blue/black is a lot different than white/black. The way the elves are in the still from the film makes them look like Two-Face. Stupid.
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