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I agree that he's one of the top passers in the game. But he's a defensive liability, is riddled with injuries in his old age, and honestly I just don't see ManU going for him. That would mean, if he wanted to go back to England, playing for a different club (something he said he'd never do).
Shut the fuck up, Dana. Seriously. I'm getting really, really tired of this plot thread.
Don't think he'll go to the A-League. Don't think he'll hang up his boots. Who would want him in England? Other than name recognition, I'm not sure what he offers an EPL team.
True. But even supposing that they could've pawned Bradford off on someone else--difficult because he was drafted before the new rookie contract scale, which means he's making something like 4x what other guys drafted in his position are--they would now be without a starting DT and a starting CB, both of whom were acquired with draft picks from trading first rounders with the 'Skins.
Him not putting up great numbers or leading the team to victory often is one thing. But whenever I watch him play, like in yesterday's Jets game, he makes poor decisions and poor throws. The interception he threw was laughable, and he almost threw an identical one. A couple of times he threw a "quick out" on a three-step drop when the guy was covered and lost the team yards. Other times he missed easy throws or made them more difficult for his receivers.
Galaxy into the MLS Finals! Keano + Becks
Or because Sam Bradford is not very good.
Or a QB who could play something close to consistent.
Haven't watched it yet. Caught up on the first 3 earlier, and I'll watch numero 4 tomorrow night.
Eh. The new guy definitely sucks, and Curtis is absolutely useless, but I love Rudy and the new chick is aight. Also two new cast members coming some time during the season, so we'll see. Still love it.
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