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Really enjoyed season 4. This show has far exceeded Sons of Anarchy in terms of quality and overall entertainment value.
Pique leaving for 7m is worse than Stam leaving for 17m (especially given the 7 year difference between the two transfers).Obertan is poor, and SAF is a great manager and generally a very good judge of talent, but he's made mistakes like everyone else, and more than the 3 I mentioned. He's by no means infallible.
It's not a 'tome' by any stretch of the imagination, but read Legion by Brandon Sanderson. Really awesome idea and story, and supposedly it's been optioned for a TV show.
Ehh. They got 80m for CR7 and I think 18m for Stam. Those are very good fees. Great players who could've had longer, even more successful careers at Old Trafford, but ultimately good business.
Erm, no. Rossi? Pique? Pogba?
Sneijder has been out of form for two years. He was not good at the Euros (few of the Dutch players were).
That's why a dedicated ereader is great; the Kindle battery life lasts a month.
Agree, but would never call Obertan a 'rising' anything. He's shit.
Sneijder was apparently demanding 250k a week...
Agree that year to year FIFA doesn't change that much, but PES is a joke. Terrible game.
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