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I think, if you're going to only be wearing it once for sure and then maybe once or twice a year after that a Target suit will 'suit' you fine. Also, given the large amounts of Target stores around, returning it would be easier than say Land's End.
I see it this way: Peak lapels are more formal. Linen fabric is quite casual. To mix the two would look too forced and just not right. I would do instead a notch lapel two button with patch pockets and no ticket pocket. - JM2C -
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Loro Piana linens are quite nice. +1 I have a few that I reserve for those especially hot Ft. Lauderdale summer days. Quite nice and have held up for more than a few seasons now.
That is absolutely ridiculous. Just like saying "Dress shirts are soo 1948..its all about the t-shirt now." All who agree 'Fire that woman' say "Aye!" Perhaps I should introduce myself with the obligatory 'beginning poster long time reader' paragraph. Well, I've found myself graduating from a certain other forum of a nationally distributed magazine to this one. My personal style, while ever changing, has certainly evolved rapidly in the past year or so to the...
I wear them with everything. White matches every color in my wardrobe and is therefore a sure bet!
I want a Pharoah's send-off with a special chamber devoted specifically to my wardrobe.
For interviews, I would recommend going with a more subdued color palette. I would recommend a white shirt and a blue tie...
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