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+3 on the cotton square.
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal Could I get more opinions on possible pocket squares for a pink tie? I gather that white and light blue work best for shirts. I would do a light blue shirt and a white pocket square.
No, no no and no. Thome is way too fashion forward for a such a classic house as BB. I really don't think this collection will be successful as Doc stated. The most successful pieces will be those that are most classic and least trendy.
I have not really found the fit of BR's linen shirts to be flattering, though I may try a size smaller than normal as someone else above suggested.
I completely agree. Your 'look' seems to be fine given the environment and industry you work in. At this point I think the over-quoted phrase "It's all in the details" applies. Very nice shoes, an excellent watch, and some top-notch tailoring will really spice up your look.
No split toes? Shame on you just kidding..congrats thats a nice collection of shoes
In Washington D.C. I would think that red tape tied in a four-in-hand would be more common.
I had a dream once which included Tom Ford ( no, not that kind!) but that is the closest I've come. Thankfully because I've only 12 posts here so far...
That would be great. I would love to see your coat
I absolutely love this story. Perhaps you need a Sartorial Wall of Excellence somewhere in your restaurant if the decor allows. If not, a thread on SF.Net will do! :-)
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