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The new ones are nice certainly, but not different enough from the previous model warrant an 'upgrade'. I don't see Apple conforming to Bluray technology any time soon. Bluray will be on the path to obsolescence in a few years once HD streaming becomes more prevalent and that is the path Apple will take...HD streaming and downloading via itunes
Quote: Originally Posted by bigboy I was thinking the same thing, but more like a Nazi villain He just needs an eyepatch and a jockey whip
That image was a nice trip down memory lane, Stephen. I've had a bunch of those phones, including that 7280
I'll PM you my paypal address
Also, if you HAVE to eat carbs after midnight, be sure to get your workout in while you are sleeping so you don't wake up bloated
I think a fanboy is someone who likes the product or company regardless of any perceived cons with it. Where as we can look at something and admit that something isn't perfect or infallible, weight that against the pro's of the item or company and still say it is good.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Your avatar > AM lol...just imagine her in an AM
Barbara Bush or Puppy Dukakis
Quote: Originally Posted by Milpool Trying to replace them after a fire/flood/other disaster was my concern. Submit a bibliography and photographic evidence to your insurance company in the event a claim needs to be made
Good lord that AM is sexy.
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