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Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll I have a bar and some dumbbells but no power rack or bench. Gym is not an option. What can I do? What is your goal or purpose for working out?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim So yeah... how exactly is Blu Ray going to become irrelevant before 2020? Or are you suggesting that the Govt. is going to get something done AHEAD of schedule? I agree. I do not see how an FCC mandate on bandwidth would have anything to do with disc encoding technology
Quote: Originally Posted by NoStyle14 What about 2x8-10 rather than the usual 5-7 reps? the rep scheme you use depends on where you are in your training
Oh ok. It is interesting that we would have such different experiences on the matter
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie Quite the opposite in my experience. Are you talking about the computer consumer or the general population who buy ipods and iphones and ipads but know nothing about them?
Gone with the wind...Rhett annoys me and I found myself not caring about Scarlett. Psycho. Good, but not that great to me. I remember watching it in a film study class in college and there was some merit to the plot break, but not enough to make me want to love it like many do. Snatch V for Vendetta Good Will Hunting The Truman Show I didn't say I don't like these movies. I like them, but they are just 'ok' to me.
I agree with you guys that for the majority of people, HD streaming is a good decade away, but let's look at it from the perspective of the Apple community and purchasers of Apple computer products (which is what this thread is about). Correct me if I am wrong, but they are generally more "tech savvy" or at least "technologically competent or aware". In these cases, further, the consumers are generally early adopters. For these people, the devices and hardware are...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y Same thing with BMW club racing. Most people who put on big brakes don't need them. --Andre It is a popular mod in the MBZ world as well. It's amazing how many people I know who have purchased AMG brake kits for their MB's. It's one of the first things to go on an AMG partout. The second probably being the exhaust system and then maybe pulleys and intercoolers. Lots of people though buy in to the 'look'...
Ferrari. Lamborghini designs are too 'in your face' for my tastes
Quote: Originally Posted by r... I had a Titanium (G4) Laptop for about that long before it started to die out on me. That laptop spoiled me, it was built like a tank. Which reminds me to let the OP know: Get AppleCare, its worth the money. Despite most people's apprehension toward warantees, I assure this is nothing like that. Definitely get Applecare! It has more than paid for itself for me on numerous occasions. I had macbook air last...
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