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It is true, I was speaking in a light hearted tone, but there was truth to my comment. I'd love to downsize and I think it takes a strong, confident individual to live without constant need for "bigger" (which seems to be a common American thought) and "more". Both of these Tao Te Ching quotes are appropriate: "To know you have enough is to be rich." "Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself...
Just watched On Her Majesty's Secret Service Enjoyable, but not sure I like Lazenby's Bond
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I'm moving into another crappy studio. This time downtown. I call it luxury when you can travel from the bedroom to the living room in one chair. Wish I could do that
Quote: Originally Posted by kinch This came up at a recent law school open house. When you're basically in a room to mingle with a bunch of strangers and you're talking with someone, what's a polite way to end the conversation? I've constantly found myself in situations where I'm talking with someone I just met for a while, but after a while either the conversation has stalled or it's just been too long (I mean, you're not supposed to introduce...
Pretty much any Tyler Perry movie or project, including "Precious: Based on..."
Ask your new stylist to thin it out if it's thick. I say new because your current one sucks if that is the end result and you need to find someone else. Not that difficult
Sorry to hear that globe. That is a difficult situation and never fun for either party involved. Unfortunately, it sounds like it was necessary. While you have already gone above and beyond for her, if it is still bothering you, perhaps you have some professional contacts you could speak with who could point her in some direction to start her job search?
Youtube has a lot of the videos too
Quote: Originally Posted by Rölfi don't worry, protons have a mass: 1,672 621 637(83) · 10^(−27) kg afaik if you get closer to light speed your mass increases, so if you hit light speed you have an infinite mass. but i can't argue the points in the article posted by the OP, it just seems like a bunch of bullshit to me Another example of wikipedia stupidity...it's supposed to be -24 not -27 Jesus H. Christ Regardless, both radio waves (EM...
I wonder if wikipedia has mass
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