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Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl [/IMG]
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim What's an iPone? Is that sort of like an iPwn? Yes, yes i know...I guess you missed my edit comment pre-posting spelling/grammar check fail...I admit it alternate excuse: Harvard's Ipwn Bloodknight
Quote: Originally Posted by henrikc How can you not love this? Beautiful! I love the MB SLS posted earlier too! Audi R8 is perfectly sexy
If this is it, it looks great and I will be upgrading my current iPhone once this is released: Apple's next iPhone
Hopefully this is an obvious statement, but you should not substitute exercise with tea consumption. While there may be some diet affects and metabolic response, the results are not significant enough to forgo exercise.
Quote: Originally Posted by stickshift You could do dips using two benches. Those are good. For added difficulty, you can put a plate or two on your thighs.
No La Femme Nikita = yet another fail
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger what are the best triceps exercises other than dips? at my college gym there's only one place to do dips and theres always a fucking wait, so I need a good alternative I love tricep pulldowns with the rope not the bar Tricep extensions are effective for me. I do them either one at a time or heavy with one dumbbell. Diamond pushups work too. The best though is weighted dips so if you can sneak in or plan...
It is true, I was speaking in a light hearted tone, but there was truth to my comment. I'd love to downsize and I think it takes a strong, confident individual to live without constant need for "bigger" (which seems to be a common American thought) and "more". Both of these Tao Te Ching quotes are appropriate: "To know you have enough is to be rich." "Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself...
Just watched On Her Majesty's Secret Service Enjoyable, but not sure I like Lazenby's Bond
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