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It's still on hold guys NY Times article 4/20/2010
The only exercise I do for calves is with the leg press. The rest I get from biking and running and gym cardio work. If I don't, I will have small calves and I will look disproportionate. Yes, it is vanity and I will admit it
Just finished with Ninja Assassin...good God
Wear a vest full of road flares and wires under your suit jacket. As conversation tapers off, slowly start mumbling and sweating and take your coat off and kneel on the ground. People should leave you alone
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Maybe I'm being paranoid, but it really seems like someone is trying to keep tabs on me via facebook. Surely government intelligence agencies around the world must be using this. You must have triggered an NSA e-lint alert via Echelon. They then forwarded your information to the FBI is within the US or CIA overseas ops directorate if outside US for monitoring. You will be abducted by a third party...
Does this count? Story is here: Invisible Tank - Fox News
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie In Entertainment & Culture. I couldn't decide if to put it here or there but it fit better under "entertainment" IMO; moreso than fine living or home anyway. Oh cool. You, sir, are quick to the scooped 'my' story lol If I'd found it, I wouldn't have made a 2nd thread on the subject day, one day....
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Busy day, and I was reading the other thread about this same exact subject. Where's that thread?
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