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Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith I am not an expert on this, and you need to do some research to find out for certain whether this is correct: Contact them and negotiate a payment in full with the agreement that they will delete ALL reporting of this account to the three credit bureaus. I think the term you are looking for is "pay for delete". Get it in writing before you do it. If they won't do that, then you are better off paying it anyway...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford I agree, Mexican Coke in the bottle is the best. I haven't seen it at Costco or Sam's Club in Sacramento but they did carry it in Arizona. Some Mexican restaurants here carry it though. Ice cold Coca-Cola on a hot summer day is the best way to go! It's noticeably sweeter, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Living in the country and not being afraid to get my hands dirty has it's benefits. For the most part I grow or kill everything I eat. In terms of quality I doubt anything you buy at the store/market is better than what I eat everyday and I know where all of it came from. Another benefit of putting some time into what you eat is the cost. I basically eat for free. Learn how to hunt and fish. Find somewhere to plant a...
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Why do people want to rub harsh chemicals into their skin? Hot clean washcloth. Gentle rub. The end. That may be fine for you, but that doesn't mean that it is sufficient for everyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's lawyers guns and money. +1 Also headless Thompson gunners
'56 250GT Zagato
I'm thinking that the whole iPhone "lost" thing is a viral marketing campaign to get the hype for the phone release going. Do you know how much security and precaution Apple took with the iPad pre-release. For software developers, they had to have a secure room with the iPad locked to a table...but this guy happened to have an unreleased phone with him in some random bar? I dont think so!
This contusion in my hip is really been bothering me lately. Injury occurred 9/2009 and it is still not healed. I run when it feels better but anything more than 10 miles causes it to swell, weaken, increase pain to the point where I am limping afterward and the next day. Car accident a few years back was really bad. I hit a tree in a pickup truck as I slid off a road at 60 mph. Broke my leg, arm, ribs. I remember looking up at the windshield while I lay on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by why nm never mind? no more? not much? nine monkeys? New Mexico?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie cross post from things that are pissing you off thread after being stolen, and then M.I.A for about 2 and a half months my car was found. i only had liability so no compensation for damages etc... but its a trade-in towards something better (which I didn't have when it was stolen). Wow glad you got it back even though it took so long. You're lucky too that not only was it recovered, but is in good enough...
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