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lol ok..whatever Troll Quote: Originally Posted by RowRow Umm. Car costs what - $20k? Of course, if you want a Bentley, it's different talk, but the average salary in for an amerikkan is like what - $28000 at age 25 to about $42000 at the age of 65??? Work, for a year, save $20k, buy a car - PROBLEM SOLVED. Same with house, work for 5 years and save $100k. Why would you rent an apartment? I mean - you can just live with your parents until...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lizard23 Bump (Update): Thanks for all the replies. I was able to lease an Audi A4, nicely equipped for $505/month with insurance cost factored in. Nice! Excellent choice and enjoy your new ride
watches shoes wine yourself and your life skincare well health in general
Quote: Originally Posted by RowRow Why do you care about credit score so much in Amerika? I mean, you could just, like, don't use credit at all. Credit is basically debt. Why would you be in constant debt? Just pay with what you have and don't take credit - problem solved. Wow some of you people are so damn judgmental it makes me want to puke. What makes it worse is judging someone about something you know nothing about. We care about...
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles man I'm an idiot. I have no idea what this means. How can i tell if they've validated the debt or not? I'm absolutely retarded in this type of stuff and am trying to make sense of it. Have they sent you any paperwork indicating the amount owed, final statement, etc? Any FDCPA complaint responses from them? Most likely not which means they haven't validated the debt...Any and all collection activity on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Truly? So, after two years the debt vanishes? Or the ability to sue to seek payment ceases? The ability to sue for the debt ceases. Reporting will still take 7 years
They have failed to validate the debt at this point, period. Send them a cease and desist letter. Send a copy of the letter along with a dispute, CMRRR as John stated earlier, to the credit bureaus stating that they failed to provide proof that the debt is yours, they failed to respond to your DV request in time and therefore the account needs to be deleted from your report.
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi I am leaning to the idea of painting my black cirrus which has creme interior. What would be the right color of choice other than not paint it at all? Don't do it! The car won't match the VIN and it has a negative affect on resale $. If you MUST do it, do it right and use OEM paint and have it done by the dealership not some retailer like Maaco
Thanks Andre that's exactly how I learned to do it too. Just wanted to add also that I learned too to keep your thumbs from wrapping around the wheel. If you get in to a skid or crash and the wheel snaps around while your thumb is on the inside of the wheel, you could break it. It also makes keeping your hands in the proper position on the wheel slightly easier while in a turn.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow You can get your credit rescored. I'm not sure about the specifics, but I've heard that there are third party companies you can hire to help you fix your credit report if there's a mistake or disputed item. I saw a report about it on tv. Google it. It's called rapid rescoring and is mainly used by mortgage brokers to tweak minor errors for a 10-20 point score bump. It's good for getting yourself in to...
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