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Ugh, sorry Gus and folks, can't make it this time. Family duties. Looking forward to some awesome pics!
Gus, it's great to know your life story, and all the color theories that go behind your always perfectly balanced color choices. Kudos.
Thank you Gus and Jon for organizing another awesome meetup. This is becoming addictive.
BB needs to lose the shoulder pads, and widen&round off the lapels. Big fat fail.
Gus, count me in. Thanks!
Thank you Derek and Dustin of Beckett & Rob for hosting a very successful meetup -- I look forward to working on my first jacket with you guys. And Gus -- Kudos for putting together another wonderful event. Can't wait for the next one.
Gus, I'm in for both too.
Thank you Gus. Count me in!
Looks like professorial clothes tend to instigate professor-like arguments.
Gus, thanks for some great pics. CCC could be an impressive venue for an SF meetup. On a side note, if CCC could expand their product lines to include some Italian cuts, in addition to their full, structured English cuts, it would attract even more audience.
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