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Hi, I use Chap Stick brand chap stick but it leaves a whiteish residue sometimes. Does anyone have a brand that they like?
Sid Mashburn has some cool belts that I dig...some are paisley and gingham. Are there any other retailers yall recommend for original belts?
I'm wanting to get some plain brooks brothers dress shirts and they come in two types of collars on their website: 1) Forward Point Collar 2) Ainsley Collar I was told the Forward Point is more formal. How do I decide which to go with? I wear a dress shirt to work and in the winter I typically have a V-neck sweater over the shirt. I wear the same collared shirts to the bar.
I got a couple Colorado nut jobs at my office.
Warren Buffett's letters to shareholders have a lot of wisdom on business & life.
The girl won't be hungry; the OP can handle picking up the dinner tab.
Wiggum: "But they seemed so happy". There is a South Park episode wear all the Kardashians are shot. I thought it to be funny.
Don't do dinner dates dude; they are for suckers. I don't spend money on a chick till we have had sex.
CT shirts in 15.5 neck jump from 33 to 35 sleeve length. So if you are 34 inch sleeve length you need to buy the 35 and have them shorten it at CT by an inch. TM Lewin shirts go from 33 to 34.5 sleeve length (for 15.5 neck). Not sure about other neck sizes and what sleeve lengths those come in. This is only for slim fit non-iron shirts from both these companies. You can sort both websites shirts by what you are looking for...neck size, cuff type, sleeve length, non iron.
I bluffed my way into a job that requires SQL knowledge. They taught me everything I needed to know once I got into the role.
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