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Quote: Originally Posted by ampire Ok, sounds like a good safe bet thanks. For shoes, any tips? all I have right now are some black leather nikes I wear to bars, some running shoes, and formal shoes (allen edmonds and cole haan). Im fresh out of college so I have no real basics. I am personally a fan of Adidas golf shoes. They are solidly made and less expensive than the high end foot joy models. J Lindeberg makes some great golf...
Alright guys. Well thanks for those that offered a little advice.
oh really? I don't think I am their style. I don't sell dry denim.
Hey all, what are your favorite brands of shoes? I am looking to expand my business to mens footwear and would love some input. Any help you offer is greatly appreciated! thanks, Sean
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen What size are you? 31 or 32. I got 31x32 in the TF's
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen It can. But they might stretch minimally in the thighs and not at all in the calves. You bought a skinny fit pair of jeans. They won't stretch into a straight leg cut. I used to wear a pair of Nudie Slim Jims and they didn't stretch at all really in the thighs and they were fairly tight. A budy of mine wears Slim Jims and Thin Finns and the TF are still very skinny after over a month of wearing. Thanks. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen They won't stretch much at all, if they even stretch any. I thought dry denim stretches out quite a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Karo I'd say TFs are medium rise, I have 2 pairs and their rise is 10.5" at the front. They're pretty awesome jeans for a good price. Hope you're really skinny in the thighs and calf or else go for SJs. So I just got the thin finns and they are pretty tight in my thighs and calves. How much can I expect them to stretch out? I think I will need the slim jims.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe are you talking about the front ? we may be talking about different jeans here. my thin finn is definitely high up . and i m not smashing my crotch to do it. I've never worn them but I think the thin finn has a 9.75" rise, no?
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe so is that low rise? it seems just a little bit higher in rise than my other jeans. I would consider 9" pretty low rise.
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