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So essentially the bald shoulder = neapolitan shoulder??
Gucci - On sale @ 50% bought at Milan, fits well, should have bought another one if I wasn't backpacking Brooks Brothers - Wearing it now, slim fit. Great fit for people who have broader chest/shoulders, perfect for my work enviornment as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by level32 Since you have your fit nailed with Chan, just go Chan and perhaps a new pair of shoes. After you ace your interviews and start working again, take your time to build up a nice relationship with your savile row choice. I agree sir. Use that 2Gs for a nice pair of shoes
Any love for Altea ties here on SF? They seem to be pretty good quality for it's price.
Quote: Originally Posted by clothesrus So i'm going to Hong Kong for about over a week and looking for a Hong Kong Tailor who can provide decent products as a reasonable price. Before I get flamed, I want to stress that I've done a lot of search through this forum and I'm having a hard time finding something that's a good fit for me. VW Chan and Gordon Yao seem to provide excellent suits at decent prices but too expensive and not really my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ohnistun Would you still recommend getting suits made from Lee Baron given their recent climb in prices? I'm under the impression that they're not too far off from Gordon Yao, which is then again not that that far off from Chan. So is Chan really the one stop wonderstore nowadays? Or would it be worthwhile to have several suits made at various vendors I was planning to go Lee Baron for a suit but didn't have...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Most TM and Alumo are in the $200-$300 range with some in the $150 and up. I agree that AC is the best in HK. 2 days is without fittings though. How are the USD 120 ranges btw. I'm thinking of not making all three from Thomas Mason Fabrics.
Highschool Graduation G2000 On Sale probably like 500 HKD total. Great suit for highschool/uni people.
Dude it's a deal It was originally 640
So how IS the quality of the gear @ Suitsupply? I've never heard of this brand until this article. Had a peek at their website and their stuff looks good. How does it compare to say J Crew (both of which I have not been because I live in HK), better comparison is...........Zara?
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