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I've been on this site lately, I bought a pair of black rose cufflinks.
I see how from the direct back view that it can be too short, as compared to your broad shoulders it looked like it can be a smidge longer. But not much really that is fine.
Yup I live in HK, I have more than valid reasons to wear shorts in the summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Kind of the answer I was expecting. I'm just graduating high school and I'm not looking at buying something that will last me a while in case I grow out of it, and I won't be able to maintain a higher end suit properly anyway. Looks like I'll just go back to my guy. G2000 buddy, my go-to Highschool/Post Highschool suits. Dirt cheap even on regular price, and it's good to wear for random dinners/recruitment...
Quote: Originally Posted by tang For Baron Lee, i believe Peter Lee is the guy that most SFers deal with, as for AC, I understand that they have multiple branches in HK. Is there any particular one that you guys would recommend and who should i look for? Peninsula Hotel? I posted about AC a while back, a minor gripe about their IFC store because they seemed to look confused that a young guy made an appointment to check out shirts. They didn't...
So essentially the bald shoulder = neapolitan shoulder??
Gucci - On sale @ 50% bought at Milan, fits well, should have bought another one if I wasn't backpacking Brooks Brothers - Wearing it now, slim fit. Great fit for people who have broader chest/shoulders, perfect for my work enviornment as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by level32 Since you have your fit nailed with Chan, just go Chan and perhaps a new pair of shoes. After you ace your interviews and start working again, take your time to build up a nice relationship with your savile row choice. I agree sir. Use that 2Gs for a nice pair of shoes
Any love for Altea ties here on SF? They seem to be pretty good quality for it's price.
Quote: Originally Posted by clothesrus So i'm going to Hong Kong for about over a week and looking for a Hong Kong Tailor who can provide decent products as a reasonable price. Before I get flamed, I want to stress that I've done a lot of search through this forum and I'm having a hard time finding something that's a good fit for me. VW Chan and Gordon Yao seem to provide excellent suits at decent prices but too expensive and not really my...
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