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Can anyone tell me the difference between the Ray Ban Clubmaster and the New Ray Ban Clubmaster???
White Blue Pink Purple (maybe), Probably add another White one here. French cuffs on all as I just started working for a British company.
I'm totally off topic here but I am currently making my first pricey shirts through Ascot Chang, and they're very helpful because I've gone for fittings two times now and about to be a third. Main reason being.......I want to make a wide spread collar shirt and I'm constantly asking them to improve it. But I digress. I'm actually going to Paris in less than a month for 4 days, is Charvet worth a visit?
I have a quick question for The Armoury guys here. If I'm getting a suit, say WW Chan/Ring Jacket (because I can't afford Liverano), would you guys do the actual fitting or take on a more "consulting" role in terms of style/fabric choice?
Gents, I'll be backpacking in Europe very soon, I'm still contemplating whether I should visit Naples (via Barcelona) for 2-3 days, with the main purpose of potentially buying Neapolitan menswear products. As I'll be backpacking I'll be limited to shirts and ties mostly. Is it worth making the trip? I live in HK so I can buy most brands, my intention to visit naples is for a lower price point and more variety. Thoughts? Should I just continue on to France straight away?
I've been on this site lately, I bought a pair of black rose cufflinks.
I see how from the direct back view that it can be too short, as compared to your broad shoulders it looked like it can be a smidge longer. But not much really that is fine.
Yup I live in HK, I have more than valid reasons to wear shorts in the summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Kind of the answer I was expecting. I'm just graduating high school and I'm not looking at buying something that will last me a while in case I grow out of it, and I won't be able to maintain a higher end suit properly anyway. Looks like I'll just go back to my guy. G2000 buddy, my go-to Highschool/Post Highschool suits. Dirt cheap even on regular price, and it's good to wear for random dinners/recruitment...
Quote: Originally Posted by tang For Baron Lee, i believe Peter Lee is the guy that most SFers deal with, as for AC, I understand that they have multiple branches in HK. Is there any particular one that you guys would recommend and who should i look for? Peninsula Hotel? I posted about AC a while back, a minor gripe about their IFC store because they seemed to look confused that a young guy made an appointment to check out shirts. They didn't...
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