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Got this yesterday!
Well unless you're really out there, chances are your blue suits a dark navy anyway. The blue that's associated with funerals is a slightly lighter shade.From my experience, my whitey bosses all wear a darker navy, in part because they're English and they stick to that attire. I don't see THAT much mid-grey. What I suggest though is to go with a white shirt and black shoes. I don't know who you're seeing if you are meeting with English people, they can be VERY anal about...
I'm by no means an expert in Tailoring as I'm just starting out myself. But when it comes to collars, just try out as many as u can (if you're doing MTM/Beskople) and just get the one the looks best on ya.
Hi PG,While we're on the subject, I DO want to ask you what type of collar that is. I started making shirts with AC and I'm very happy with my extreme spread collars (oh which I instructed them like 5 times what I wanted), but I do want a more "conventional" collars for more traditional settings. I remember from your brog that your collars are bespoke too right?
REALLY...........damnit they ought to bring Rugby here first b4 this POS looking line.
^ I raise http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/on-the-street-bianca-stockholm/ Someone's gotta teach me how to post pics via sartorialist...
If it's narrow then my only explanation is that I'm Asian and have wider feet? Oh well must try again I suppose. Which pair do you have?
For real? I wear Us10's across the board for nike, I tried on the Achilles, there's a fair bit of room in the front. But then it COULD have been a 43.
I wear US sz10 on Nike's and 42 is big on me, quite big. I've yet to try 40/41 because they weren't available so my best guess is that 41 would fit best.
uh oh the Achilles Premium are growing on me...........that's not a good thing for my wallet.
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