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I don't always go to Paris, but when I do, I see nothing the OP described.
Do they make dress shoes anymore?
Can anyone help to answer my query? I'm interested in Epaulet trousers but I'm a little apprehensive about buying them as I live in HK and it'll be a major pain if it didn't fit. I know for sure that I'll have to shorten them but I'm more concerned about the fit. Are they slim to the point where it's tight? I have thick(er) thighs and for reference I can't fit into a Levi's 501. I can fit into a pair of UNIS 32 GIO's though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Not anymore, I got the cheapest fabric one for $790 (or $890?) last year....this year it's 1190.....
Good call, they ar every nice indeed but retail is too damn much.....I'll try to see if I can score a deal in HK, if HK even sells it at all...
Anyone here have experience with Oliver Peoples? I'm intrigued by the Sheldrakes....
Any idea where I can get the Black Lowndes online? Tassels in HK is out of stock!
Perfect, thanks!
Gents, Gonna make this quick as some of you might find this question repetitive. Looking to get black dub monks, I like both Sid/Ovadia but have no idea how they are in terms of comfort and fit. Would anyone care to describe? I'm open to other suggestions provided they're not $$$$$$, I live in Hong Kong and local options are C&J, Church's and Carmina (brown but I'm willing to budge provded the shoes look great and great value) (in terms of sizing I'm wearing a 41...
Right, that sounds good. I was just a lil bit apprehensive about what I got. I was sure that given the time they spent trying to do it properly that I for sure wasn't getting "scammed", I just wanted to get some clariification. Thanks!
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