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Any idea where I can get the Black Lowndes online? Tassels in HK is out of stock!
Perfect, thanks!
Gents, Gonna make this quick as some of you might find this question repetitive. Looking to get black dub monks, I like both Sid/Ovadia but have no idea how they are in terms of comfort and fit. Would anyone care to describe? I'm open to other suggestions provided they're not $$$$$$, I live in Hong Kong and local options are C&J, Church's and Carmina (brown but I'm willing to budge provded the shoes look great and great value) (in terms of sizing I'm wearing a 41...
Right, that sounds good. I was just a lil bit apprehensive about what I got. I was sure that given the time they spent trying to do it properly that I for sure wasn't getting "scammed", I just wanted to get some clariification. Thanks!
1) No, I figure for my first batch I'd simply let them take care of it2) It's the basic slim fit, non-iron white shirts from BB. They retail @ $790 HKD here, they're the "entry level" ones.
Mate,I did two shirts from PL for 280, they are what they are. They fit alright but there's an issue of the poor stitching when my dad was helping me out iron and he noticed that it was really tough to iron certain areas of the shirt, with that in mind i went to AC.I actually made another post on AC. I went to the one in the Peninsula, I'm in my mid 20's but I look like I'm 19, but they still were very nice and helped me out. I ordered the 3 shirt minimum, 2 @ their house...
Hello there, I recently made three shirts with AC, two with their house fabric and one with the cheapest Thomas Mason option. All of which have come out very nicely and the customer service was superb as I wanted an extra spread collar and it took several fittings to get right. I do however have a question or two that borders on noob territory but I would like to get some clarification if possible. 1) I didn't specify how the french cuffs and collars would be done, so...
Got this yesterday!
Well unless you're really out there, chances are your blue suits a dark navy anyway. The blue that's associated with funerals is a slightly lighter shade.From my experience, my whitey bosses all wear a darker navy, in part because they're English and they stick to that attire. I don't see THAT much mid-grey. What I suggest though is to go with a white shirt and black shoes. I don't know who you're seeing if you are meeting with English people, they can be VERY anal about...
I'm by no means an expert in Tailoring as I'm just starting out myself. But when it comes to collars, just try out as many as u can (if you're doing MTM/Beskople) and just get the one the looks best on ya.
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