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What are your opinions on these? Cartier Tank Solo extra large in gold.
Hi All, I have a 25EUR Voucher that's expiring on the 31st of March and it does not appear I have anything I need from there at the moment. If any of you here are about to make a purchase, PM me and I'll give you the voucher!!
In terms of bang for buck for someone that's older, Ascot Chang is the best place to go. They'll spend the most time making sure the shirts fit. As opposed to Jantzen where it's more of a mill than a shop, go to AC where they'll spend the time (or let you spend the time) to go through their fabrics. I'm in my late 20's and I bought my first shirts from them 2 years back. I thought it would be intimidating as they generally serve and older more affluent clientele, but they...
Anyone here know where I can get some Zegna fabrics in Hong Kong?
I have tried. They're not tailors themselves and their style is 70's inspired. I still got a good suit all things considered as it was my first, but looking back I would have more requests in terms of styling. A positive from them is that because they're white/proficient in English it'll be much easier to get your point across.
The maroon chukkas/achilles/textured achilles are all dope
We just got BOGGI in HK, however the prices seem wildly overpriced compared to the online shop, can anyone verify the huge price diff? Their cotton blazers are $6500 HKD (830USD) and I tried on a denim shirt that was $1390 (178USD)
I don't always go to Paris, but when I do, I see nothing the OP described.
Do they make dress shoes anymore?
Can anyone help to answer my query? I'm interested in Epaulet trousers but I'm a little apprehensive about buying them as I live in HK and it'll be a major pain if it didn't fit. I know for sure that I'll have to shorten them but I'm more concerned about the fit. Are they slim to the point where it's tight? I have thick(er) thighs and for reference I can't fit into a Levi's 501. I can fit into a pair of UNIS 32 GIO's though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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