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RogerC did you do CMT there?
CMTSuit is now....4900Vest..............1350They showed me the price list so its "official" I suppose. I know for a fact that that area of shop's rent hasn't gone up much at all these few years (unlike the main parts of TST) so to me it's still quite a jump .....oh well, time to hunt for these so called mystery non english speaking tailors...
Exactly my thoughts. This is my first time making a suit with them and I had no knowledge of previous prices, and even then I had a sense that it shouldn't be this pricey. I gave them a shot this time (I practically gave them my Ring Jacket MTM suit to copy), hopfully they won't cock it up.In related news gordon yao quote me $1410USD for CMT 3 piece.
I'm tapping into my grade 2 chinese and reading some of the pages, so far there seems to be mostly chatting about shirts, not much on tailors.I also notice there's another Fishball_boy also showing a recently made blue shirt, is that you FISHBALL? Lol
Haha I was only being sarcastic. I would buy 10 Zara suits before I buy one of those.Speaking of "affordable" suits, Boggi is an option, I still find it expensive though compared to online prices, no wonder the store is empty.
I'm not looking fro a deal, like I say prices are subjective. Why are you getting your panties up in a bunch? I find 6 grand to be expensive because:1) (this is our own fault really) the contsant endorsements from here.2) The fact that where they are isn't a lot of rent given the building is gonna be torn down soon and its such a small space. I hated Jantzen but I must admit they have a better location.I am on here to just share my thoughts, not to argue. My objective is...
I fully understand that prices are subjective to everyone, but by your calculations these workers make more than me.
I'm going to check em out this week. Yuen seems quite passionate about what he does, plus I'm hoping his prices are stupendous as wellI went to Lee Baron over the weekend and a CMT 3 piece is 6xxx, it's frankly too expensive.
Is he good? The youtube clip I saw Yuen said he does all his suits himself and does not fuse them.
Has anyone tried out Yuen's tailor? Stumbled upon a youtube vid on them the other day.
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