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Since most tailors are in Tsim Sha Tsui, essentially all of them has taken a hit in terms of increased rent. I have relatives who run a jewlery shop in TST and over the years they've had to move many times due to the crazy rent. TST is now a hot bed for mainlander tourists so pretty much all landlords are raising their rates whenever they can. example: the building Peter Lee is in has been sold and will be torn down....most likely for an office building. Where's he gonna...
Very intrigued by your new tailor recommendations, pics are def apprectiated!!! EDIT: I found some pics of the store.... Here
Where can we buy this stuff online??
So Ethan buys the Fabrics to sell @ the Amoury or for his personal use? I thought the Armoury didn't have house fabrics?
Only very briefly as I'm apprehensive about not being able to try them on. I live in HK so I generally stick to brands that are available here...same reason why Meermin is appealing but hard to pull the trigger
Thinking of getting a pair of Brown shoes (for navy suits/friday wear), preferably laced. What do you guys recommend? Budget wise would be around C&J level prices. For a time I thought about the brown gucci horsebit....but couldnt find a brown pair in HK Before trying them on I was all in on the Burgundy cordovan Alden longwings, but I tried a pair on (thats a tad big) and they just didn't look good, they looked too wide and not as sleek as say my C&J
^ Those look dope
Brooks brothers, aren't they around 1/3 of Hermes ties? Plenty of options too. That or go to POLO outlet and get something
They're very well made overall, its very detailed. The fabrics are very soft on teh fingers and you can expect typical Japanese high quality. The reason I say this is because I took that suit to get it copied at Lee Baron just last week, and a lot of things were pointed out to me that suggested a lot of details were in the suit, reason being all these details costs me extra to get it copied lol. The small things like buttons, side buckles, are all very nice. I would snap...
I have a MTM RJ suit from the Armoury, To be honest I could've bought a RTW one as they didn't make many changes from the RTW ones I tried on. I love the style, it's very Italian and slim, it wasn't cheap as I got the cheapest fabric and it cost me 19k but I love the look of it and its by far my fav suit.I've been trying to look for it online with not much luck other than Rakuten, but the prices seem "sketchy" as it may be too cheap? (compared to The Armoury RTW price). I...
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