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Hi, Just wondering when the Villian hoodie would be back in stock....I also want to ask about sizing, I'm 5'7 160lbs....is Medium sufficient? Thanks
I'm very much interested in the order, but I have not purchased a pair of VASS before, can anyone here advise on the sizing ?
I am assuming that you're young right?If you're still in your early 20s I am also assuming your body shape is proportional. That being said I would simply go off the rack first and just go to a tailor. Tailors from my experiences take a few tries until they get it right, unless you're going to an expensive one, but they'll cost you at least 10k a suit. That being said tailors wise people here go to Lee Baron a lot. I go there myself but I don't think I've ever made a suit...
LOL I just say canvass ( I forgot that the term is in Chinese), or I tend to say "I don't want the stuck on type" in Canto.
I'll be going to Finland/Sweden/Norway/Denmark for 3 weeks. Other than say Rose & Born / Acne....any stores I should check out?
That's great! Thanks.
Any idea where I can get H&S online?
Anyone have recommendations on a place for a cotton/linen suit? Just asked GY about pricing and it's 1880USD for Holland and Sherry cotton or linen (starting), which is above my price range. Thanks.
MB x Uniqlo not in HK yet.....crossing my fingers that it would be.......and that locals dont know what MB is edit: found it on the website
Since most tailors are in Tsim Sha Tsui, essentially all of them has taken a hit in terms of increased rent. I have relatives who run a jewlery shop in TST and over the years they've had to move many times due to the crazy rent. TST is now a hot bed for mainlander tourists so pretty much all landlords are raising their rates whenever they can. example: the building Peter Lee is in has been sold and will be torn down....most likely for an office building. Where's he gonna...
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