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I'll be going to Finland/Sweden/Norway/Denmark for 3 weeks. Other than say Rose & Born / Acne....any stores I should check out?
That's great! Thanks.
Any idea where I can get H&S online?
Anyone have recommendations on a place for a cotton/linen suit? Just asked GY about pricing and it's 1880USD for Holland and Sherry cotton or linen (starting), which is above my price range. Thanks.
MB x Uniqlo not in HK yet.....crossing my fingers that it would be.......and that locals dont know what MB is edit: found it on the website
Since most tailors are in Tsim Sha Tsui, essentially all of them has taken a hit in terms of increased rent. I have relatives who run a jewlery shop in TST and over the years they've had to move many times due to the crazy rent. TST is now a hot bed for mainlander tourists so pretty much all landlords are raising their rates whenever they can. example: the building Peter Lee is in has been sold and will be torn down....most likely for an office building. Where's he gonna...
Very intrigued by your new tailor recommendations, pics are def apprectiated!!! EDIT: I found some pics of the store.... Here
Where can we buy this stuff online??
So Ethan buys the Fabrics to sell @ the Amoury or for his personal use? I thought the Armoury didn't have house fabrics?
Only very briefly as I'm apprehensive about not being able to try them on. I live in HK so I generally stick to brands that are available here...same reason why Meermin is appealing but hard to pull the trigger
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