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Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Which branch - I wear shorts and tee shirts at the Peninsular Hotel branch without problem of this type, somewhat odd I feel. However don't expect to be able to get a coffee at the Peninsular so dressed! The IFC one, I come in, say Hi, and they just look bewildered. I told them I'd made an appointment and they told me to sit down. Turns out they thought it was someone else of the same name. But nevertheless guy...
Gentlemen, So I'm going to Peter Lee for the first time to make a summer suit (along with a shirt or two), what sort of things do I have to keep in mind? I just did a search and realise that a fully canvassed suit will cost be around 5500 HKD (starting). Other than that, what should I keep in mind? Some facts about me: I just recently made a suit elsewhere in HK, the shoulder is the biggest issue and I am somewhat bulky up top (for local HKer standards), so too much...
A proper (good) Panini in Hong Kong. That or Tapas. OR Just a good Grill Cheese
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Personally, I think age and experience go more hand-in-hand with good tailors than youthful energy. When I'm in HK I'm all set with Peter Lee and Chan for tailoring and The Armoury for accessories. A winning combo in my book! Yeah you're right about that, I made 2 shirts with Lee, the cheapest possible ones. Like it but the quality is subpar (it's the materials, not him), planning to get some legit ones...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Ummm...have you been to The Armoury in HK in the Pedder Building yet? It might be just what you're looking for. Oh yeah I've definitely been, it's a great shop, actually planning to go this weekend. I'm thinking more in the neighborhood of tailoring shops in HK, it'll be nice if we have a younger generation of guys running tailoring shops.
I really like the rounded extreme cutaway collars, other than that from the pics alone...nothing that different right? Random: we need more of these stores in ASIA (Hong Kong and elsewhere, not just Japan)
Quote: Originally Posted by Porkpie Don't know much about Dunhill custom, but I am sure most on the forum would point you in the direction of a few other custom shirtmakers before Dunhill. Just mu thoughts. Yeah I would agree with that, I'm in a curious stage in my "sartorial career" where I just want to try different avenues. I made a couple shirts with Peter Lee in the entry level price range and I enjoy it, but out of sheet laziness (of...
Gents, Wondering if anyone here has experience getting a shirt done from Dunhill? I saw a video of it on youtube and I'm intrigued. I live in HK and I haven't asked the price/lead time yet, just wondering if anyone has experience with them. I'm also thinking of making a custom Brooks Bros shirt for the hell of it, which is 900HKD for the regular non-iron fabric. Is that a good deal? Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Classic Car Where do you get your Alumo in HK? Dude don't waste your time, I PM'd him and he WOULD NOT TELL ME.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Ok, but they are not tailors and also the suit is fused, as far as I know. I wish you luck. Damn, serious?
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